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  1. hey guys

    I couldn't find too much information about it on the 'net, but do you believe it may be more beneficial to water your plants with the changing weather?

    a few days ago a thunderstorm was rolling in, and i decided to raise my lights up high above the plants (somewhat mimicking cloud coverage). once it started raining, i watered and misted the leaves down with water, replicating the atmosphere outside. after the storm rolled away and the plants dried, i lowered the lights back down. i seemed to have had some vigorous growth since I've watered last, but i cannot attribute this to my theory.

    to get to my question: would the pressure change in the atmosphere make any difference in how plants reacts to water? like high pressure systems and low pressure systems? I've been wondering about this recently, if there's actually a science behind it. I figured i would get the most insightful views by posting in here. so, was it a good idea or a high idea gone wrong?

  2. nice going, that's awesome. it doesnt sound like the idea went wrong, but it does sound like a high one. i dig it.
  3. Take two more tokes (or 20) and call me in the morning.

    Seriously, yes weather has a huge effect on plant life. Did you accomplish something by lights further from your girls. Doubt it. When inside you need every lumen you can get. Nothing man made compares to the suns power. Mimicing spectrum is all. You want the benefits of nature then put some girls outside. Lots of flat land in your area.

  4. yeah, i really dont think moving the lights around made a significant difference. i mostly did it just so i wouldnt burn the leaves (from the light too close) by misting the plants.

    what my question relates to is if a plant reacts differently to water with certain atmospheric changes in pressure.

  5. More research is needed. :)
  6. Ok, I'm interested.
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  10. C'mon I thought this was an interesting topic..nobody else?
  11. There may be something to it but I cant tell you what the science behind it is. Why do animals run for the hills during natural disasters or incomming storms before we ever sense anything? There is just some shit we don't know yet.
  12. Once it rains outside again here, I'm going to water inside :D Hopefully I see some vigorous growth!

  13. That's just kinky.
  14. Maybe the phases of the moon as well, there's so many variables.
  15. What about the difference in pressure inside a telt using a huge vent system, contra a small?

    What about the pistills when they got wet?

    A friend of mine told me that pistills are "used" when they touch water or pollen or something. Is this right?

    Cant seem right when growing outside aint no problem. Maybe its me confused about pollen and pistills :smoking:
  16. the pistil is the female part of a flower, containing the ovary, stigma, and style. the stigma is the top part of a pistil that catches pollen for egg fertilization. the male flower part is called a stamen and is composed of an anther and a filament. yes, every time we smoke weed we smoke thousands of eggs :eek:

    pistils get "used" when pollen reaches the egg in the ovary - just like everybodies high school "slut"..........nobody wants to mess with her after shes preggers. :laughing: sorry, couldnt help myself, stupid humor..........

    nothing happens to pistils when they get wet. pistils that are on a cannabis plant were meant to live outside in the first place, remember?

    you could be onto something there with creating a huge vaccuum for a pressure change......but that would cost alot of money and the only usefulness i can see from that would be to test my hypothesis.....which will probably never happen :p


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