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  1. I was watching this show or something, Or I heard it somewhere; I don't know. But I heard that there is an independant presidential canidate that will be coming up for election this next election. He is in favour of medicinal marijuana use, and recreational marijuana use.
    I mean, why get your hopes up of him winning. Well this is why. From what I have heard he is going to get a lot of votes. He is in favour of same sex marriages (doesn't interest me, but there are tons of people that think or wish it was legal), the marijauna thing, and several other important things.
    I am not political, and I see it this way, I won't be in this country in 4 years, so it can go anyway it wants. But if this is true, he has my vote.
    Any feedback, hearsay, or corrections are welcome.

  2. I got this email the other day concerning presidential candidates:

    Dear Friend:

    The Marijuana Policy Project's campaign to influence Democratic
    presidential candidates on the medical marijuana issue in
    New Hampshire enjoyed tremendous success this past weekend.

    Two of the leading candidates -- former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and
    U.S. Sen. John Kerry (MA) -- markedly improved their respective
    positions on medical marijuana. Dean agreed to impose a moratorium on
    the DEA's raids on medical marijuana patients and providers in states
    that have reduced or eliminated criminal penalties for the medical use
    of marijuana. And Kerry said he would stop the raids entirely.

    Kerry's and Dean's evolution on this issue didn't happen in a vacuum.
    This is the result of a carefully coordinated plan by MPP to influence
    the candidates through a mixture of grassroots and direct activism. We
    have commissioned a poll and provided the campaigns with the results,
    provided them with documentation on the medical benefits of marijuana,
    asked the candidates for their positions at every available
    opportunity, and even protested against candidates who would rather
    have patients arrested than show a little compassion.

    (U.S. Sen. John Edwards from North Carolina has been the primary
    target of our protests. He seems almost proud to have adopted the
    position that seriously ill people should be put in prison for
    following the advice of their physicians.)

    All of our hard work paid a huge dividend at a town hall meeting in
    Henniker on Saturday, September 20. MPP's New Hampshire project,
    Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana (GSMM), asked John Kerry, "Would
    you stop the raids, as president?" Kerry responded by saying simply,
    "Yes." This came one day after Howard Dean, in response to a GSMM
    question, pledged, "Will I do what [Attorney General] Ashcroft is
    doing? No, absolutely not." GSMM then specifically asked, "You would
    stop the raids?" and Dean responded, "Yeah, I'm not going to do that,
    anyway." To read about these encounters in greater detail, please see
    our press release:

    More good news: The candidates are not the only people taking note of
    our activism. We're generating a substantial amount of press as well.
    Read all about our efforts:

    And there will be more news coverage over the next few days. On
    Friday, we expect to have an opportunity to appeal to retired
    Gen. Wesley Clark -- the tenth and most recent Democratic candidate to
    enter the fray. And a reporter from a major New Hampshire newspaper is
    planning to do a major story about our efforts.

    If you support our New Hampshire plan, I would very much appreciate
    your financial support -- see -- so
    that MPP does not run a deficit because of this campaign. Thank you in
    advance for anything you can do to help.


    Rob Kampia
    Executive Director
    Marijuana Policy Project
    Washington, D.C.

  3. sounds like similar policies to Kucinich (Democrat).

    and dont forget how the system works over there... if you dont get into power, you dont have any real influence.
    the pro cannabis vote getting split will not be benificial to our cause. ... bush will love it tho.
  4. yea isint there a party called the marajuana(sp) reform?

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