Presidential Candidates for the 2008 election

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  1. As many of you know there is a presidential election in 2008. Many people dont know who to vote for and dont know the points in every candidates campaign, and thus many people will just throw away their vote, voting for the biggest name without so much as looking into their ideas/campaign issues. is a website that has a list of the presidential candidates and also lists their stances on many important issues in categories. It may not be a complete listing but I think it will help a lot of people decide who to vote for.

    I advise everyone that lives in the US who isnt register to vote, to register, and also to take the time and look at all the candidates stances on important issues. If you want to complain about the president, it is your duty to vote for who you think will make the best president. I hear so many people complain about Bush but when asked if they voted for another candidate, they didnt vote. So take the time and put some effort into this, because this is very important and is your responsibility as a U.S citizen. As much as you think one vote doesnt matter, it does, if 10000 people dont vote because they dont think it will matter thats 10000 votes. EVERY vote adds up.
  2. Ron Paul '08
  3. Barack Obama
  4. Hell yea, he'd rock
  5. i live in canada.But what ever you do DO NOT VOTE FOR BUSH!he reminds me
    of what i leave in the toilet evry morning.
  6. I'm with Ron Paul all the way. He's the only man who would take our country in the direction it needs to go.
  7. I think as of right now, Kucinich is the closest to what I want in a candidate although I don't agree with his stance on trade or gun control, etc.

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