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Discussion in 'Politics' started by jman42028, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. People coming to this country do so in search of a better life and are more representative of the American Dream than people born with a wrongful sense of entitlement.
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  2. where have I said I resented anyone at all? I haven't. I'm simply advocating for enforcing the immigration laws that are on our books. Common sense really. I've explained my stance several times and very clearly, without any resentment or hostility.
  3. they can come...the legal way. What is so difficult to understand about it? and why is it always an emotional type argument? next, since you have said I harbor "inhuman resentment" am I going to be racist as well?
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  5. does anyone even understand the immigration laws or do they just want whoever to come into the country whenever they want
    there are countries out there where they will shoot a foreigner on the spot
    instead of talking about being pro immigration bla bla bla and attacking the laws, why not change the laws to have a more lenient immigration system, that way we can shut up the "follow the law" people and we can shut up the immigration reform ????

    then we wont have a law that no one wants or follow anyways...

    and what EXACTLY is immigration reform? does anyone even know? do you even trust the government to get immigration done right anyways? look at what the government has done the last 20 years, fuck everything it touched up
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  6. Your resentment is painfully obvious as is your sense of entitlement; lines drawn in the sand with angry men defending what their fathers stole from others. Those like yourself hold liberty hostage.
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  7. Some times the rule of law is a bitch. Thank you President Trump!!
  8. And yet your orange bully is held to a different standard; actually no standard at all for those who offer blind faith in vague rhetoric. Your small handed champion has shouldered a bigger burden than his failed real estate empire ever prepared him for. From his history we can look forward to nothing but deflection and dismissal of all responsibility as he belittles his imagined enemies and bemoans his perceived unfair treatment.
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  9. Wall is a waste of money no matter how you cut it. Most come over planes and stay past their visa not to mention the sheer amount that are already here that arent going anywhere.

    Is it though. The neighborhood adjacent to me is filled with illegals who after 2 weeks of being scared have resumed their daily lives without fear of deportation. Just saying.
  10. Again, I must put the caveat that I am not a trump fan whatsoever so that the foaming at the mouth, anti Trump brigade doest mistake me for one of his fan boys, but all this shit about his failed empire is just ludacris. If having more money than every single person on GC combined will ever have in their entire lives counts as failure then sign me up to be one of the biggest failures real estate has ever seen too.
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  11. Meh who cares whether he's a failure or not at real estate. Despite the fact that this is a guy who couldnt keep a casino afloat im more concerned about him failing has a president. Seeing has his policy is to go against anything obama ever did.
  12. Again, don't like the guy but I'm all about destroying every last festering scrap of Obama's "legacy"
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  13. Lacking the evidence of his tax returns, you are assuming that his boasts are true. You don't have to be a fan to be an apologist, just turn a blind eye to what has been presented. While proudly anti Trump, I realize my arguments here will never penetrate the armor of denial of his supporters wear but hope that I achieve some relief by voicing my thoughts.
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  14. Explain your vehemence against Obama if you don't mind.
  15. Not towards johnnyappleseed since im not on this forum enough to know how posters post but that is the eternal difference between alot of democrats and republicans.

    Republicans come off as apologist even when they arent trying to be. I support obama but had and have no problem calling him out on shit i think he screwed up on. Alot of democrats were very critical of hillary during the election even to a point where it hurt us.

    But with republicans theres a sense of falling in line. May not like the guy but you wont rag on him too hard. Hell i would of voted trump but the alot of supporters just tow the line. For people who were skepitical of east coast elites and politicians in dc his supporters have no doubts when trump flip flops on heavy stances or says we'll pay for the wall when mexico was suppose to. It's almost like a sick parody lol.
  16. I don't think the wall is a waste of money at all. I think it will be a national monument , kinda like yellow stone or the grand canyon. I may go touch it for something to do. And maybe the visa over stays were ok for BarryO but not anymore. Thank you president Trump! MAGA AND LAW AND ORDER!!
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  17. All humans stole the land of others in every continent on Earth.
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  18. Nascar fan?
  19. I mean it probably still is okay. These are people that were here before obama (who deported many many illegals) and these people for the most part will be here after. The time for that type of law and order was 20 years ago. These people are embedded and arent going anywhere.

    The wall is a waste of time and resources for people who just want an emotional victory. For most people the illegals dont make a difference in their lives whether they're here or not. You can actually take that money meant to build a wall and put it into local pd's and airports so it can actually be effective.

    Besides by the time they complete a wall that long (they wont) thousands of more immigrants will have already flown or traveled under a tunnel to the states lol.
  20. So why be mad at the illegals for doing what every other group has done. If we say give texas back to mexico the defense would be that whats done is done. Why cant it be the same for illegals lol.
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