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  1. No wonder he wouldn’t release any info of his “riches” while running. This also explains why he employed all his family can only imagine what the dems will find on all of them in 2020
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  2. This is tantamount to a criminal referral. OGE has effectively reported the president to DOJ for potentially committing a crime. Dave Apol comes through in the end!! Ari Melber on Twitter

    — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) May 16, 2018
  3. If he admitted that it should have been on the form as a liability, it is an admission that it was a known debt.
    If it was a known debt, then he knew about when he claimed he didn't.

    Surely you have been in situations where you knew by a preponderance of facts that you were lied to!?

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  4. If it makes you feel better..lock that fucker up too! MAGA!
  5. I say blame the Russians, media, Clinton’s, or Obama’s. Another tax break can easily fix this with voters I’m sure. Look what an extra 100 a month in ppls check got him. Pure loyalty from ppl that have been starving for 15 years.
  6. Just friends, honest -

  7. He should of paid er off earlier u no she hit him up n he denied er.
  8. But he didn't admit that it should have been on the form. Not that I've seen. Where did you find it?
  9. Perception is reality in this case
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  10. I don’t care what ppl do in their personal life. If I were him I woulda been upfront from the beginning who doesn’t love porn stars.
    I bet he still would of won because ppl don’t respect career politicians anymore.
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    I read the article, it never said Trump says the payment was for paying Stormy Daniels blackmail. Isn't there a law against blackmailing presidential candidates? That should be a bigger crime than paying blackmail and not disclosing it. Why even pay blackmail if you're going to disclose it? If he disclosed it I'd say don't vote for that idiot, he pays blackmail to keep someone quiet and then tells everyone about paying it.
  12. Our tax dollars will pay for the investigation to find out the truth.
    He’s stirred up so much shit in different parts of a corrupt government that I’m sure he has very little friends. If he were a career politician this all woulda been swept under the rug.
    I really hope pence doesn’t get in somehow that that guy has a 1950s mind frame.
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  13. This is a poster that’s hanging in my nieces 1st grade class room. Maybe it should also be hanging in the Oval Office for trump to study, because it seems as though he hasn’t learned the 1st three steps at his age.
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  14. Nobody and no-thing can make a narcissist pull his head out of where the sun never shines...

    Remember, this is the potus whose "1st lady" is expounding a "anti-bully" and "be best" (whatever that is other than mostly copied from Michelle Obama, adding a new name)...

    If the wife of the most notorious bully in the news worthy world can't reach him, no slogan or poster can. But i do agree with you and the poster 100% (if applied to a semi balanced and in touch person).
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    It’s so pathetic it’s humorous. He’s broke, he has a fetish for piss, he’s a pathological liar, has a lower popularity rate than Obama. List goes on n on dudes whole life is one big sham he’s perfect for America.
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  16. Most of us (including myself) are embarrassed FOR him yet he will likely never ever know embarrassment, let alone humility enough to apologize or admit he lied about ANYTHING... He's like a remote controlled drone, yet he is at the controls not knowing he is OUT of control. We used to thing the UK had the best comedians and comic drama (Monty Python comes to mind)... Now THEY are flocking to the pubs and social media in amazement of the zaniness of the White House Drama and monkey in the oval office.
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  17. Someone will write a speech for him that quickly touches on the subject but I’d rather see a Barbra Roberts interview with him.
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  18. Get a Grip.

    Stormy didn't try and Blackmail tRump. He Called Her a Liar, and he also said he never even met her, then a Photo Shows Up With Them Together, so she took up a case against him, and the payments were 1st lied about ( DENIED ), were also left off the 2016 Financial Disclosure Forms, and have NOW been sent to the Justice Department to Investigate Campaign Finance Laws Broken, Bank Fraud ( Cohen Lied to Bank About What Money Was For ) Tax Evasion, Wire Fraud ( Cohen Lied to Bank ), and all kinds of other shit.
    And people think the investigation is about over???? This will be around, as long as tRump is president.:hookah:

    NOW he is also taking 500 MILLION PAYMENT from China for his overseas operations in Indonesia,,,,to take the sanctions off of a company that is using our own electronics that we sell to them for their products, and are used against us.:jump::ey::lmafoe::bang::judge::cop::poke::poke::confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::popcorn::popcorn:

    This is also Against the Intel Community Recommendations.... They will also investigate the crap out of this, and may possibly be blocked. Hopefully.

    tRump Jr cant remember???

    4:04 PM: Emin Agalarov calls Don Jr. to discuss Veselnitskaya meeting
    4:27: Don. Jr has a four minute call with someone at a blocked number
    4:31: Don Jr. calls back Agalarov

    He told Senate investigators he didn't remember who was on that second call:confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::oops::oops::oops::oops::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::confused_2::poke::poke::poke::poke::wave::wave::wave:

    [​IMG] :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::makeup::makeup:
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  19. Sounding the "trumpet" again calling full on BS on MAGA, this time back to the tariffs not working in our favor due to poutus, i mean potus, not having a clue regarding economics and trade wars... another example here... CPB stock crashed on CEO's guidance for 2019 blaming not only the tariffs on steel & aluminum but ingredients...This old fossil Ross looks like he is 1 step away from a nursing home... what the hell is he doing in office?????
    Campbell's Soup blows up Secretary Ross claim tariffs wouldn't hurt them — and he pushes back anyway
    • During an earnings call, Campbell Soup Chief Financial Officer Anthony DiSilvestro points to steel tariffs as possibly hurting the company's bottom line going forward.
    • In March, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross used a can of Campbell's Soup to demonstrate that the tariffs would have a minimal effect on costs.
    Campbell's Soup blows up Secretary Ross claim tariffs wouldn't hurt them — and he pushes back anyway
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