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  1. so who wants who to be president of the u s of a? since this is a public forum, with unidentified persons, we can share our oppinions. however, lets keep this at a "tame" arguement, if there is one.

    i personally want Nader to come and make it big. to me the guy is awesome, and "down to earth" if you will. plus this swayed me:
    "Wants to end the war on drugs
    The drug war has failed – we spend nearly $50 billion annually on the drug war and problems related to drug abuse continue to worsen. We need to acknowledge that drug abuse is a health problem with social and economic consequences. Therefore, the solutions are – public health, social services and economic development and tender supportive time with addicts in our depersonalized society. Law enforcement should be at the edges of drug control not at the center. It is time to bring some illegal drugs within the law by regulating, taxing and controlling them. Ending the drug war will dramatically reduce street crime, violence and homicides related to underground drug dealing."
    -taken from

    so lets share our oppinions and accept each others ideas!
  2. Yeah Nader would be good,

    unfortunately he also wants to suspend the oil business. He's a very down to earth guy, but sometimes I think he gets ahead of himself when he makes compaign promises.

    Dean would have been good. He was all for the decriminalization of marijuana, thought not many people know this. Used to be on his site before he dropped form the election.

    I'ev decided when I go to vote, I'm going to find some jerk with a strong opinion, ask him how he'll vote, and I'll vote opposite, thus cancelling both of our votes perfectly.
  3. I will be the first President of the Internet. My main campaign focus will be "troll control" and to work with congress to put an end to spam once and for all. I will also fight the ISP lobby to bring service costs down for everyone.

    Vote for RedLikeSun in (when hell freezes over)!
  4. Dude, if you can end spam... I'll vote for you.

    Seriously, how dumb is spam? Who has EVER purchased that stupid penis enlargement pill?

    You're not walking down the street and people run up to you telling you about this great new deal on a car or how you could win a million bucks. If it were a human being spending time telling me about this stuff, I'd consider it, I'd at least listen. But these people don't even have the decency to back their product up with human beings instead of mass e-mailing people.
  5. He's all for decrim and recreational marijuana use. Unfortunatly he has no chance this year. Maybe in another 4?!
  6. al sharpton! lol

    or kuncihc but he dont have much of a chance so i would go with kerry
  7. Kerry and Edwards are the only choices. Kucinich is a fucking nutjob, and Sharpton is a "poor pity the African Americans". Believe me Im as bleeding heart as they come but he plays the race card anytime he can and most ofthe time it shouldnt be played. Kerry is my choice, he WILL beat Bush. The Gay marriage thing FUCKED Bush's chances
  8. I read somewhere Dean was against decriminalization. Not for it in anyway.

    Kerry isnt really for or against but i think hes only saying that because if he goes one way, he loses people who are against it, if he goes the other way he loses people who are for it. hopefully hell make a real decision if/when he gets into office. And hopefully it will be a good one.

    And about spam, anyone have AIM? Thos fucking banner ads up top are annoying enough, but now they fucking talk and play music. Shut the fuck up, i dont give a fuck. Fucking ads.
  9. Know what I hate? that fuckin ad when it's like a casino and it makes that loud damn noise and i can't get it to stop and it drives me insane!!! with the slots that keep moving

    pisses me off
  10. Anyone but Bush. I'm voting for the democrat who comes
    out on top. I'd vote for Nader, except he's a spoiler. I want
    my vote to count.
  11. luckily kerry is for medical marijuana use :)
  12. Well...since there isnt any mulla in the S.S for the baby bomers, since Iraq, Bush wont win likely(Hence the reason he wants to push back the year) ......Nadar.....Bah, Americans will never vote him into office, its most likly going to be Kerry, and fuck, Who the hell knows whats gonna happen when hes in office.( john have the same name of the old Daily News host!)
  13. yeah i read that dead said it would be 'irresponsible' to end the war on drugs.

    i would have liked kucinich, but since i probably have a better chance of winning than he does, il go for kerry
  14. If by some wierd chance bush wins over kerry, i am seriously considering moving to canada.
  15. If Bush wins, I'm out of here.
  16. i will vote for anyone who isnt a democrat. I dont agree with everything bush has done, but he is better than any democrat running. I care more about the demorats raising my property taxes to fund social programs in which i do not use. Taxing the wealthy a high % b/c they are successful. It isnt my job to take care of the other people in this country.

    And everyone who says they will leave if bush wins, leave. If you dont want to be here then leave. If you think it sucks so bad here then move. america is the richest country on the planet and has a very high quality of living. Maybe you will find a very liberal country with NO stance on defense or terrorism and you can get you ass bombed and live in fear.

    also i think the democrates will win the election this year. The economy isnt responding the way bush said it would and his budget is projected to have somthing like a 3 trillion dollar deficit in the next 10 years. I think finding saddam helped bush's cause but not finding any weapons of mass blah blah really hurt and made him look like he was just taking care of his daddy's mess. Still, id rather have alfred e neuman (bush) in office then kerry, dean, edwards or any of those ass clowns. I just do not agree with their party platforms.

  17. Wow you suck.

    Bush is a douche. Even if you dontl like democrats (i dont know how you can not like a group of people, but ok) Bush is a dumbass. Hes halfassed his way through life, and is doing the same now. Hes a dumb redneck hick who wants his money.

    And, yes, you are responsible for other people in this country. Stop being a selfish prick.

    About leaving if Bush wins, i wont since i like this country anyhow. But, Bush sucks. And, theyre saying they dont like the country UNDER BUSH. Not that they dont like the country at all. Look what Bush has done so far, you really wanna stick aroundt o see what else he can fuck up?, because you dont want to pay a little more money?

    If you think youre only responsible for yourself, youre pretty damn wrong.
  18. **:)BUSH:)**

    Hell Yeah I am gonna vote for him. I have always been for him and will continue to stand behind him. I will probably still vote republican even when he is out of office because I too dont agree withe the democratic part platform. I am a heavy believer in social darwinism and believe that if you arent where you want to be in life its cause you havent done anything about it. I do agree with welfare and such for the disabled or for people who physically cant work.
    I also support the war on terrorism and in Iraq to the fullest degree. Seeing OBL hiking through the moutains away from the enclosing Americans makes me very happy, and seeing that butt pirate Saddam dragged out of a shithole also made me happy.
    For those of yall who claim Bush to be a dumbass, that is a very ignorant way of looking at the situation, anyone who really knows politics will tell you Bush is smart. He has to be. There are very few people who make it that far in politics that are dumb, with maybe the exception of Dan Quayle.
    And you know who fucked the econmy over the last 3 years well it aint Bush, it was CLINTON. Public policies that presidents instill in an economic sense dont even make a difference for a few years. Bush had no effect on the economic downturn, it had pretty much started before he went into office. There was a HUGE water cutoff in teh trickle down effect during the Clinton era. He taxed the wealthy so much that they had no money to spend eventually and therefor no money was pumped into the economy. Now the economy rising right now, yeah thats thanks to Bush.
    Hmmm gay marriage, its 2002 my name is John Kerry i just voted against Gay marrige. John Edwards too. The only reason they support it now is cause Bush is against it and we all new that was gonna happen, dont act like its a big suprise that Republicans favor no gay marriage and demos do. the parties are based on Conservative/Liberal platforms.
    The reefer thing is the same way, the only reason Bush doesnt want people toking up is cause the party platform says no. Believe me, all those guys smoked plenty of grass in college and dont care personally if people do it.
    What a freakin hippocrit Yawn Kerry is. He stands up to interest groups alright, right after he gets off his knees from giving em a blowjob. Where do yall think he got most ALL his campaign money. Ding Ding Special Interest! At least John Edwards doesnt condemn special interest groups for giving him money.
    Let the onslaught begin you crazy liberals.....
  19. Bob Beard,

    You cant ask for a real American viw on the war on this forum. The facts are that you will get a heavy anti-Bush bias.

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