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president of 2012??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by broimhigh, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. who do you think will be president? who do you want to be prez?
    i vote ron paul all day errday lol.
  2. Sarah palin
  3. I highly doubt ron paul is gonna get in, but that'd be nice
  4. Ron Paul would be ideal, sadly he won't. It's gonna be republican I bet, just not him.
  5. We already have plenty of morons and puppets in office, thank you.
  6. id like to see a president that doesnt suck ass.
  7. 90% of what Ron Paul says is brilliant, 10% not so much, legalizing heroin and building a wall around the whole country is a bit bat shit crazy...but he's a firm constitutionalist so I will probably vote for him, those would never get passed anyway ha and a 9 to 1 ratio is better then any other politicain I know
  8. Ron paul 2012 :d
  9. Obama Re-Elected
  10. I dunno if Obama will get reelected.. He might, but he'll have to make something happen between now and then if it's gonna happen. Sadly I highly doubt Ron Paul will win. I'll vote for him, but I don't think other politicians want him to be president because he actually wants to clean shit up... And if they don't want it, it's not going to happen, because our system is that fucked up
  11. Govt. gets who govt. wants.
  12. Eh, theyre all the same soulless, greedy, and corrupt.

    I dont vote... It only encourages them.
  13. im irish and im planning on moving to america in afew years , does ron paul have any bad policies regarding emmigration
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    Lol what the hell? Not voting encourages them to do it because they know nobody cares and they can get away with it.

    Vote or die motherfucker.

  15. Not that I'm aware of. I think he's mostly concerned about illegal immigrants, so if you become a legal citizen you wont have to worry about anything

  16. Why should I have to choose between a giant deuche and a turd sandwich?

    Yeah ron paul would be pretty cool, but hed never get anything done, the house and congress would be steppin on his toes the whole way.
    Itd be like 4 years of the debt crisis debate, except itll be much more painful, since ron would be fighting for issues I believe in, but getting shut down brutally time and time again.
    How bout reform our system a bit? Term limits and make our politicians use social security and medicare instead of these elaborate health care and insurance policies they recieve. How bout losing that outdated electoral college that discounts our popular vote?

    Once that happens, ill gladly take a day off work to stand in line all day and cast my vote, but until then, im cool.
  17. Pardon me, but what a crock o' shit! That's why voting for the right president isn't enough. You don't just study the national candidates. The most important elections are for the state and local offices. Research and study those candidates. Go over their agendas with a fine-toothed comb. Leave no stone unturned where congress, state reps and governors are concerned. You get the right people in those offices, then it wouldn't matter a whole hell of a lot who becomes president, will it?

    "How bout" you vote for the right representatives, and all these things could happen? People like you, people who think these things should just magically fall into your lap without ever having to actually TRY to make a difference, are the reason that voters like me have to sit back and watch everything fail election year after election year.

    /rant :D
  18. Ron Paul , he is getting some decent publicity. Hopefully he'll have a chance

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