President MORON!

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Apr 8, 2003.


Is President bush a Moron?

  1. yes. obviously.

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  2. nope... he seemes quite the inteliktyual!

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  1. Yeah, I agree the president is probably a moron, but what difference does it make to you, you don\'t even live in this country? I couldn\'t even tell you who runs your country, and I don\'t care.
  2. Oh yeah, by the way...
  3. Well- america decides it doesn\'t like something then fuck the rest of the world it\'s going for it- and it takes the uk with it often- hence bush decides a lot of destinies and if he\'s a dumbfuck then it matters a lot to brits like me and digit
  4. And you blame the U.S. because the U.K. is a \"follower??????????????????
  5. hes not the smartest motherfucker in the world, but hes in there now, so barring a major fuck up, he\'ll be there for two more years
  6. nah. stagazer u just dont get it do you.

    its exactly because you (and 200mil other ignorant americans inc the pres) don\'t know enough about the rest of the world (like who runs our country) that it matters to me. do you even know who your best ally in the world is supposed to be? i woulda thought u might have wanted to know who was running your best buddy?

    every decision another nation\'s leader makes it effects all of us... that\'s a fact that most people in \'educated\' countries are starting to wake up to and realise. This is especially true of the world\'s \"super power\" who\'s influence, and manipulation, and control, shapes so much of the worlds politics.

    it matters because he\'s blowing up the world, duh! it matters because he\'s basically torn up and thrown the kyoto accord out the window. it matters because America are our allies through thick and thin and we dont wanna see a 3rd world war start.

    so stargazer... please wake up. gaze at teh stars all you want, i do too... but we gotta be mindfull of this lovley little planet we have here... the whole of it... not just the little bit that we would call our own.


    I\'m sure it was not switches intent to suggest that the US is to blame because the uk is a follower. it didnt seem like that was what he was saying there to me.
    you\'ve put the cart before the horse there cowboysaxman.

    ever heard of the old saying \"51st state\"? or the term i prefer \"the 4 hidden states of america\"

    because the UK is a follower i blame the UK for following. I blame the US for what the US is to blame for.

    blame where blame is due.

    did u actually read any of the stuff on that third link i gave? go have a look at hitler\'s card...
  7. Gotta love these threads :D

    Though a lot of Americans are wrong in a lot of ways most of us aren\'t ignorant. Generalization and blame are responsible for a large chunk of the ignorance in this world.

    In this case I don\'t think it\'s wrong to blame Dubya (or more specifically a few people in the US government) for this war.
    I keep seeing things on CNN and the other channels calling Al Jazeera and other Arab news sources \'propaganda\' because they use different words to describe the war; words like \'invasion\'. Now, despite the fact that the news media calling other news sources \'propaganda\' is, in itself, propaganda, the truth is, that by the very definition of the word this war is an invasion. Whatever your ultimate goals, be them good or bad, this is being achieved through a hostile invasion, in the truest sense of the word. These kinds of semantic games are a form of propaganda (courtesy of the pentagon and the various cable news stations).

    It\'s more important to me that people aren\'t tempted to fall in line, if more people took the time to think about this and would speak their minds without fear of retaliation things could be quite different. I\'ve already talked to a few people that have lied to their families about how they feel about the war simply because they didn\'t know how they would react. What a strange time this is...
  8. thnx krazi.

    i need a reminder everynow and again that inteligence yet prevails and still thrives in the US of A.

    ... i had let the rant control me there instead of me controlling the rant. ... sorry americans.

    Channel 4 over here in the uk did a really nice slot once on the different ways of reporting on the war... they showed all the different names the war was being called in loads of countries and how the same footage would be used to ilustrate completely different things.

    I saw that on the same day i had just read about how one US network completely changed tack because it was getting flack from the others (CNN, FOX etc) for \"being un-patriotic\" just because they broadcast deathtoll figures about the war in Iraq.

    and anyways... this goes far further than bush\'s attack on iraq (or rather powel, rumsvelt and cheny\'s attack on iraq)... his lack of intelect was causing harm even before the towers fell and america became more fearful and war primed.
  9. ok, you know what digit?
    The America bashing stops here.
    I\'m serious...don\'t do it again.
    I\'ve been good about it since the last debate, and I really don\'t want to start.

    Do not make another post bashing America.
  10. Amen! And let me tell you something, when you people type shitloads of crap you bore me and I stop reading, so you might as well have said blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
    Proud to be a so-called ignorant American!
  11. I\'m not going to waste any more of my time visiting that website or this thread for that matter. I do take offense to it. Only my opinion though.
  12. hey can i put this gracefully...why dont you shut your mouth and stop giving freedom of speech a bad name. most people treat free speech like the priveledge that it is, you just abuse it
  13. I love all you Americans! By the way Digit, get a job and you won\'t have so much time to worry what America is doing!
  14. Bush is flushin amerika straight down the crapper, and we\'re all along for the ride.

    For all of you who are so offened by criticism of the current US regime, i ask you this:

    Wouldn\'t it be a better idea to secure our own boreders before we decide to engage in a campaign of global assimilation of capitalism?

    Do you reall think bush isn\'t getting his cut of iraqi oil assets?

    shit, i wouldn\'t be the least bit surprised if bush, cheney and friends aren\'t behind 911 as an excuse to justify the middle east campaign.

    oh yeah, and what about korea? the other named country in the axis of evil, who has WMD\'s and is actively showing hostile intent?

    I think bush really fucked the world over by circumvention of the UN, and to all of you brits, is causing a rift in the EU. If a world stood united against iraq and unilaterally put pressure on the regime, then the objective of the disarmament of iraq at least stood a chance of happening without a hostile invasion of an arab state. Instead the US war machine dragged a coalition of the decieved and brainwashed into this thing, and those who disagree with the US\'s knee-jerk reaction are shunned.


  15. you have got to be shittin me. youthink bush and cheney were behind september 11. and you are saying that the president and vice president were behind the death of thousands innocent americans, so they could reap the benfits of a better oil market in the middle east. i cant decide whether thats the most mis-informed thing i have ever heard the, or the single stupidest comment ever uttered by a human being. sweet christ man, there is thin line between expressing your opinion, and just rejecting authority because its the thing to do, you have gone beyond even that into such a realm of stupidity i cant imagine you belive what you are saying
  16. digit, i agree with you and krazi. i am american and proud of it, however i am ashamed to be under the present ruler and administration. they are all greedy little pricks that are furthering themselves by masking this war as a good thing.
  17. i don\'t think that bush and cheny orcastrated september 11, but this does have merrit, i think cheney was a large part of the reason it happened, he returned from the midle east and went into hiding just before the attacks. i think he pissed someone off real bad and knew something was coming, he just didn\'t know what.
  18. Hey folks just calm down.. Digit is only getting his thoughts out in the open here.. Do we want to cut his freedom of speech just because he doesn\'t agree with ya\'ll??

    Now this war has everyone upset. I do know that alot of shit every where in the world is happening right now and there is NOTHING that we can do about it. I would hope that we don\'t go to war between us too..

    I am proud to be an American because I have never lived in other countries. I will NOT say that I might not like living some where else. No one would know that with out living in other countries..

    I think all of us should love each other and show all governments that us pot smokers are better than they will ever be!!!!!!!!

    Peace is a hard thing to find these days. I for one would like for all of us to unite and be happy.. We all have opinions and should share them with respect for others!!!
  19. Amen to that BH!

    I live in America. I am proud to be an American. I hate Bush, i hated Clinton, i\'ll prolly hate the next guy in office. But most of your reasons for hating him are all wrong. Digit, i agree with u almost fully. One thing i hate to fuckin death though is that website Did you read that iq thing. Did you happen to see the fact that Nixon had one of the highest iq\'s? Do you classife Nixon as a good pres? Also, Bush lives in fuckin Texas, they dont need to emphasis the fact by putting Terra\' and Ya\'ll. That\'s how the fucking ppl talk for christ sake, that doesn\'t make him stupid! We knew 9/11 was coming, we\'ll find this out in 20 years on 20/20 and nobody will give a fuck. Let\'s just put it this way, we were gonna go to war with iraq. I mean, duh, come on. There is no way that we are at war because bush is a redneck that loves the guns or whatever bullshit ppl have said. I mean christ, who actually believe\'s that Bush makes any important decisions anyway? I guess what im getting at is, Bush is here, we voted for him (yea yea popular vote blah), and now he\'s in office. Next year he\'ll be gone. We\'ll get anyother stupid fuck and everyone will bitch about him for 4 years. O yea, America\'s \"old\" government is to blame for these friendly dictators, and i think u already knew that.

    PS Digit, i think u were askin for all those rude comments the second you click post new poll.

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