President and CEO of Phoenix Suns Publicly Reveals He's Gay

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  1. just saw this on espn..
    Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts has a message: He's gay - ESPN

    i think it's pretty cool. they say it is the first time ever that a man in a prominent position in sports has declared his homosexuality.

    i also like steve nash's comment about it:

    "Anyone who's not ready for this needs to catch up," Nash said. "He's doing anyone who's not ready for this a favor."

    basically, he is saying that this shouldn't be too shocking for people. and i agree. i'm glad that the suns superstar supports him.
  2. When did he become president??I am so out of touch with my own team.
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    i'm not quite sure.
    but if any of you have time, you should definitely read this article. it's really good, and also kind of sad.

    it mostly talks about welt's career and personal life. it also says how hiding his homosexuality because of his fear that it would ruin his nba career has affected him. his partner some while ago died and he had to deal with this alone and his partner of 14 years left him because of he always had to hide who he was and his partner himself. it's pretty sad to me, i feel for this guy.
  4. I'll read it.

    And I'll say, nice quote by Nash.

    Nash is my homeboy

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