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  1. Lots of people like oil paintings, but many of them do not know how to properly preserve the oils. The method below is what I find from the network, I personally feel very effective and useful after following with it, want to introduce to everyone. Hope it will be helpful to you.
    Oil painting works in the preservation process will turn yellow, this is due to surface light oil oxidation results. There is no light oil that will not be oxidized, and the only way to restore the original appearance is to remove the old light layer again.Commonly used cleaning solvents are:
    (1) it is turpentine. The role of the old oil painting is weak, but the new color layer, especially with hot water heating after use better effect.
    (2) It is refined gasoline and benzene (toluene, xylene). The solubility of resin is stronger than that of turpentine.
    (3) Ethanol (anhydrous alcohol) and methanol (xylitol). is a powerful solvent for resins.
    (4) Acetone and chloroform. The resin and the oil layer can be dissolved quickly. The cleaning agent sold in the art store is usually mixed with several solvents, and the strong solvent cannot be used alone. The modern oil painting uses the resin varnish more, uses the turpentine to be able to clean off. The domestic oil painters used more oil, need turpentine and anhydrous alcohol mixed use. Acetone is used as an additive only when cleaning ancient works.
    (5) Hydrogen peroxide. There are many valuable white pigments of the material is lead salt, in the air contains traces of hydrogen sulfide gas, when hydrogen sulfide encountered lead ions, will occur chemical reaction, birthday near black solid lead sulfide, so that the oil painting dimming, and hydrogen peroxide can be lead sulfide oxidation to white lead sulfate.
    Wipe method: Use the white cotton wool Ball (the medicine shop has sold) dipped cleaning agent from the screen of a corner to do a circular wipe, each part of the time is not easy to wipe too long, so as not to damage the color layer. The cotton ball is dyed with yellow varnish and must be replaced immediately. The first time most of the old varnish can be washed off, cleaning the second when the stubborn part can be added to the strong solvent. Stain and fly excrement stains caused by squeeze can be removed using a tool.
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