presence of THC in blood/urine??

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by petrified, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. question that has sbeen bugging me for too long...
    if there are any docotrs in the house maybe they can help me..
    1. to test for drugs (marijuna only in this case)...can this be done without the prior concent of a patient, if he is legaly an adult? ie. if i go to the doctors with my parents, and he does a blood test...does he have to ask/tell me that he is checking for drugs before he does so?
    2. how long does marijana last in body?
    3. is it true that by drinking vingear before a test...there is no THC content in your blood?
    thanks for reply...
  2. Petrified; Not a doc, retired military who dodged the system for 22 years! Depending on how many consecutive days you smoke and the quality of your weed; THC can be detectable in your urine for 30 days.
    You have to understand that most routine urinalysis are a 2 step procedure. The first test for THC is a chemical reagent test. This test is lower cost, and can usually be done in the field. In most states this test is legally inadmissable in any type of action. The reagent test is also much less sensitive.
    The second test can be one of several types: condensed reagent, gas chromatography, or discharge spectral analysis. These tests are infinitely more sensitive; capable of detecting quantities as low as 1 part per billion. These tests are also legally admissable assuming the testing lab is registered, and the chain of custody of the evidence is good. People that come up positive on the first test, have the second test run on their sample. A person that got high for the first time last night will come up positive on both; where a cold-stoner who stopped for a week or so will pass the preliminary test; and not be retested (but would be caught on the more stringent test) That's why some people "get-by".
    Our bodies store THC in fat. Fat cells are always in urine. Drinking vinegar will cause fat to be broken down in the kidneys and bladder. This will help you on the reagent test but not the other tests. If you are seeing a doctor for liver/kidney problems, diabetes, or infections DO NOT drink vinegar 'cause it will screw up the test and the doctor could miss something putting your health at risk. Unless you are unconcious in th ER, and they suspect intoxication; Doctor -patient confidienetiality legally prohibits them from taking samples for other than bona-fide medical examination.
    If you know you are going to be tested in advance; stop getting high, and 6-12 hours before the test drink as much water as you can. I mean turn yourself into a human freakin' sprinkler and pee as many times as you can before the test. You will provide a more than adequate sample; and since your urine is so diluted you will easily pass the screening test. In the Service, we would get notified at 6:00 you're being tested. The poor pothead that hasn't pissed since last night and can't load up on water will probably get caught.


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