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  1. Any of you on prescription drugs? Im about to be gettins ome adderall...I used to be on zyprexa and zoloft, but i've been off that shit for a while...what about all of you?
  2. I take singulair asthma pills, advair inhaler and albuterol inhalers. Adderall is like capsulated gold here. You can get like .5-1 buck a milligram
  3. Let me see........I take my prozac to help keep me semi-sorta sane (well as sane as I can be). LOL. I also get my xanax 1mg every month. Thats about it..........
  4. wow....

    I take zoloft...wellbutrin.....and zyprexxa daily..

    I have taken "almost" every perscription drug for
    bi-polar...nuthin seems to help more then good old mj

    but I heard adderal is speed??

    I've taken it before and I didn't think it was.

    well peace guys
  5. I want to get a prescription for Adderall. It's great. Snort (or pop) a 30 mg one and you'll feel awesome for about 8 hours.
  6. Hell yeah I cant wait till I actually get it prescribed...unlimited supply!! :)....well almost unlimited.

    Bi-Polar_Smoker, why are you on Zyprexa. It's an anti-psychotic. They put me on that when I was locked up, little fuckers took away a lot of my life away with that pill. Do you like it?
  7. I'm not on any medication myself, but my friend is the only living male to be born without a Thyroid gland, so he has to take Thyroxin every day... kind of amazing eh? He'd be dead if the docs didn't notice so fast and put him on a drip.
  8. Adderall, Prozac, Tofranil, Minocycline.

    I love smoking a bowl 20 mins after I pop my adderall, gives you the best feeling in the world!
  9. Isnt Minocycline for skin problems and shit? lol
  10. Hey JW do you got ADD? Did you just goto the dr. and get some adderall prescribed? I really want to get diagnosed with ADD so that I can get free adderall. Its fun to do sometimes and its fucking worth more than gold.

  11. ADHD is what Adderall is for...
  12. ummm JTMarlinRip, that is true but doctors use it for ADD too. Depends on what kind you have, there's several diagnoses for ADD. But yeah, he says I got ADD and anxiety problems...I got paranoia but he doesnt know about that..hehe..

    But yeah, I think I do have ADD because schoolwork and school in general really annoys the fuck outta me, get to the point where I just wanna walk out of the class and not come back you know what im sayin? So it'd probably be good if I got a nice stimulant like adderall to help or ease the pain man...Weed is enough to stay happy but not to do well in school, at least for me.
  13. I'm on a whole ass load of perscription drugs: Advair 500/50, Singulair 10mg, Zertec 10mg, zyprexa, xanax, effexor, and I also take Women's ultra mega. :p
  14. yo moogle, im on 100/50 advair and 10 mg singulair. asthma crew represent!!!! I've had some reallly good results with advair. If only I can learn to stop being some damn habitual in my abuse of this albuterol inhaler.
  15. i take ritilan, which is worth alot on the streets but when i take it i actualy need it to study, i also have wellbutrin but dont use it , weed does it for me,
  16. I take Diazepam (Valium) 10mg, Xanax 1mg.

    Love the feeling of pot and Vs....pure bliss... :)
  17. ummm i would like to dex but i dunno

    phunky phil/nubbin can either one of you guys hit me up wit a pm......thanks
  18. I take 37.5 mg of paxil per night
  19. I just took some adderall, 60 milligrams.....Im about to go to school....Today is gonna be a good day :)

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