prescription medication with shrooms (gold caps)

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  1. me and my friend are going to try them soon.. i dont take any presciption meds but she does.. any there any ones that have known issues with shrooms?

    i think shes taking stuff to calm her down and help to concentrate.. and maybe an antidepressent..

    feedback please?
  2. Nothing will interfere with the shrooms unless it's an SSRI. Ask her what antidepressant she's on.

    Any other type of meds like painkillers, add meds wont effect it.
  3. i've tripped on gold caps before. Be prepared for an awesome ride man. :smoking:
  4. If she's taking an MAOI make sure she takes a small dose, as MAOIs potentiate psilocybin quite a lot.

  5. if its an MAOI do not consider shrooming at all....but but but if it is an MAOI then taking like a small small smalllllll dosage shouldn't cause such chaos
  6. she will have interactions with any maoi, and antideppresents that are ssri's will blunt or negate the trip. ssri's and pyshedelics are horrible bedmates, as the ssri's destroy the fun.
  7. okay so i got what shes taking... adderall xr, fluoxetine (prozac) and depakote..

    im guessing the prozac is gonna mess up the trip?
  8. ok
    1. adderall. should have no real effect. if she takes it at the same time, it will make it a bit more speedy, but shrooms aint a speedy drug, so its fine
    2. prozac. that will interact to lessen the trip, the colors and visiuals will be a bit blunted, like by 25% or so, just take a bit more, like an extra 30% to compenstae.
    3. depakote, its anit siezure right? so i dont think it will react badly, since shrooms rarely if ever cause siezure. so overall she should be great to go.
  9. How do mood stabilizers interact with shrooms?
  10. the only medication that i've actually witnessed someone have an effect was antibiotics and shrooms. I'm not sure how, i just saw the reaction my friend got when she mixed it accidently :(

    other than that i don't think anything will effect it. That's why you are able to hippie flip and all that with antidepressants.

    But be safe cuz gold caps are... ranked 9 out of 10 lol
  11. nah its for her mood she said..
  12. i always pop maois before my trip.
  13. isnt that a really bad idea?
  14. Depends what on, but it's fine with shrooms. He'll just have a stronger and altered trip.
  15. Hm, I wanted to try shrooms but afraid of the anxiety. I was going to take like 1mg of xanax if I did decide to do it. You are saying it basically won't do shit?
  16. No, it will calm you but also make the trip a little less intense. I meant it wont have a negative reaction

  17. yeah i usaully start poppin them 1-2 weeks before, since shrooms around here are kinda fucks it righttt hardcore.
  18. so she should be fine with the listed medication on the first page right? it would really suck if i had to take her to the hospital while shrooming.
  19. bump would really like to know for the weekend,

  20. i smoked passionflower leaves which contain maois two days before i took shrooms.. i was fuckin mind raped man.. i thought i went insane.. and then i got serotonin syndrome.. i seized twice.. fuckin trippy.. imo i wouldnt mix them ever..

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