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prescription drugs (off topic)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mayweather, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. there probably going to move this because its a bit off topic.. but, i am wondering if anyone here has access to this.
  2. whats this?


  3. LOL. You want someone to send you drugs? Pills no less

    Get a prescription, buy from a dealer or go to Mexico
  4. How fucking addicted can you be to join a marijuana forum and have your only post asking people to send you prescription pills by courier. Shit man.
  5. cough cough, douche, cough cough
  6. ive got 120 5mg percocet. but there all for me:hello:
  7. I have a bunch of Vicodin,
    and some Xanax right now...

    This should have been put in Pandora's Box
    Read the forum descriptions before posting next time
  8. i got a few vic's and xannies sitting next to me. They aren't fun. IDK why anybody would want to do them.
  9. Here you go

  10. #10 mayweather, Aug 29, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2008
    i didn't think i'd get a serious reply

    i was trying to find someone with a reliable internet vendor source

    but to my suprise i come back and have a bunch of pussy ass bitches trying to play internet badass and forum police

    go back to fapping in ur mommas basements ya punk ass bitch kids
  11. On behalf of the entire GrassCity community, I want to apologize for not being able to read your mind, "ya punk ass bitch."

    If that was your question, why didn't you ask it? And now you have the audacity to come back to this thread and tell us we're at fault for not knowing what you meant by "access"? Go back to popping pills in your middle school bathroom.
  12. Just break an arm or something, you'll get like 2 refills on a bottle of nice vikes.
  13. Although this may be true, bad advice dude.

  14. You know, you usually get better luck when you read the rules of a forum before posting. That way, you don't knowingly make a thread in the wrong forum and expect people to not point it out as if you're above the rules because... wait... why? Oh yeah, you're not.

    If you'd read, you'd know threads about other drugs go in Pandora's Box.

    Also, if you had read the rules, you'd know this type of thread isn't even allowed.

    And you'd know that disrespectful remarks (like calling fellow members "punk ass bitch kids") don't float either.

    Imagine all the things you'd know, if you just read the rules...

    Biting the hand that feeds, my friend... Biting the hand that feeds...
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