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    Alright. Poor man's micro. The only thing I'm unsure of so far is light. Here's where I am...

    Light: CFLs, 2 x 100w equivalent
    Growcab: Home made 24'' tall x 14'' deep x 12'' wide.
    Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest in unknown size container
    Beans: I have several, maybe you folks can help me chose which to use for my first grow. :) Nutes: None at this time. Will invest ASAP with recommendations.

    Available Strains: HSO OG Kush(fem) , Big Buddha Cheese(fem) , Green House Chemdog(fem) , Emerald Triangle Cotton Candy Cane(fem) , Barneys farm Laughing Buddha(fem) , Dinafem Shark Shock CBD(fem) , Short Stuff Auto Big Gun, Short Stuff Tha Shiznit Auto, G13 Sweet Amnesia(fem) , Green House Arjans Haze(fem) , Rare Dankness Lee Roy(reg) , Nirvana Master Kush(reg)

    This is my goal


    This is what I have


    Any tips, insight, advice etc etc etc is very highly appreciated. :)
  2. Looks good but check out how many actual watts those CFL's are, the equivalent doesn't matter when growing. Also what are your plans for ventilation/ airflow? Do you eventually want to run soil or hydro?

    Aside from that it looks good man, you should be able to grow some decent smoke :bongin:

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  3. 2 x 100W equivalent is in the most situations 2 x 23W. Do you have 1 or 2 color temperatures for this bulbs? (it looks like you are using 6500K bulbs, its recommend to also use some 2700/2750K for flowering)
    When I see your goal picture I will advice to grow an autoflower.
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    Yes the bulbs are 2 x 24 actual watts I think. Enough for my micro cab you think? They are the daylight spectrum for veg. I'll switch to soft white for flowering.

    I plan on creating a ventilation hole to move air in the next couple of days. But I need a plug and play fan, I hope to avoid wiring a Pc fan.

    And I'll be sticking with soil.
  5. Well I've decided to add 2 more 24w cfl's. That will bring me up to about 6000+ lumens for my small area. Should suffice...?
  6. You want about 50-100 W per square foot of cfl at least to flower, I don't know how many square feet your cab is because im high and didnt see it but if you can let me know I can do the math. Sounds like it should get ya close to that mark now

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  7. Well I'm retarded and now see your cabs dimensions, that kicks ya up to just shy of 92W per sqft which should grow ya some good stuff. Good luck man!

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    Good choice to go with 4 x 24W. You can allready start now with the 2 bulbs because your plants will not need a lot of light when they are small. When they are taller you can add the other 2 CFLs.
    Yes it will survive, check your temperatures and run some tests with the ventilation to be sure.  :smoking:
  9. I saw a 150w metal halide security light today at the store today. 9000 lumens at 4000k. Would this light work in a regular work light socket? Would it produce much heat? Is it better for veg or flower at 4000k?
  10. Yes it would produce more heat than CFLs of that wattage would. Not too sure about the 4000k temp, I dont think that color temp is very useful for cannabis at all. 2700k-3000k flower, 5000k-65000k veg is usually a good range
  11. Nope, 4000k is no bueno.


    I ended up going with 2 200w (44 actual) CFLs 6500k. Plenty for my small space.

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