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  1. Hey all, not sure if this is the right section to post in (just joined). Anyhoo, it's been a dream to grow my own plants, been reading a lot about it but not quite sure on the whole gist of it all.

    Any veterans wanna tell me which tent and lights I should go for (unless you can help me find more affordable options besides the ones I listed)? I want to get a good few ounces but want LEDS, as HPS would require more power to keep them cool and the whole FLIR thing with cops and whatnot. Are any of these suitable for both veg and flower (besides the Sandalwood with the bloom/grow option)? FoxFarm is all I see advertised for organic soil for plants, but what nutrients do you feed them during growth? Would it be worth it to have a carbon filter inside the tent to filter smell and one outside for any lingering smell while also cleaning the air which is going into the tent?

    I don't want a huge electricity bill but want a good yield, without being too much detectable. I plan on having the exhaust blow through my window screen at nighttime so no one can see me growing (the scent isn't a bother outside as I smoke outside at nighttime anyways, gotta enjoy the fresh air!). Was thinking of just getting an igloo cooler or something and placing the plants in some pots from Home Depot or Lowes, covering the surface, and placing pots on there.
  2. If they're looking at you with thermal imaging, it's because they already have a warrant to search your house.
    Supreme Court Rules on Police Using Infrared

    Odor should be your biggest concern, as that is probable cause for obtaining the warrant that allows them to look at your electric bills and heat signature in the first place. Thankfully, smaller lights don't use the kind of resources that would even show up on their radar. It would look like an average appliance. A 250w HPS takes 4 hours to use 1kwh. So a 12/12 cycle will cost you 3 kwh per day in lighting, or 36 cents per day for the average US electric bill. There are people who use more than that just watching TV.

    For a small grow you're going to want 300-500w LEDs, which works out to 150w-250w actual. The heat is equivalent to a HPS of similar size, and you will have the same ventilation needs either way. The only reason it appears to be cooler than an HPS is because they're advertising double the wattage. Go ahead and check the fine print.

    4" inline fan and filter is the smallest you can get without compromising on quality. I've got a 4" CAN-lite filter that's going on 8 years old and still scrubs 100%. Still use it for drying crops. Compare that to a generic filter that has to be changed every 6 months, or a rinky-dink diy filter that has to be changed every 30 days or less, and there's no question which is the cheapest, most efficient way to go.

    So you're already starting out with the ventilation you need for a small HPS. Go ahead and use LEDs, but don't say I didn't warn you. They're not going to produce like a HPS would, you're not saving anything on ventilation or electricity, and it's not going to show up on police radar.

    Search these forums for "LED vs HPS" and check out some of those threads for more details.
  3. Meizhi/maxsisun are great for cheaper leds. If $s not an issue id go for the new cirrus 1k.

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