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  1. we get tomorrow (good friday) off from school so me and my buddy are gonna chill at his house because his parents go to work. we got 8 grams of mids for $40 which we're going to use my machine to roll and i picked up a $30 sack of some real dank nugs. he picked up the $40 sack after school so i've yet to see it but he says it's pretty nice, and my nugs (seen below) look amazing.

    oh, and our friends sean and laura will be joining us for the all day smoke fest. we have a bunch of movies for watching and a crapload of dough for food. i can't wait,

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  3. lookin good man...can i come?
  4. just got back, it was a real fun time. we rolled about 10 joints i think, i can't remember though. between all 4 of us we smoked 3 joints (one king size) and 5 bowls of the bud i posted before. i have 4 joints left: one kingsize of the mid bud, 2 normal sized of the mid bud (one with a roach), and one normal sized mix of the nugs above and the mid bud. so out of the 10 joints, we smoked 3, i have 4, and my friend has 3. one of the ones my friend has was a kingsized one that was packed amazingly tight, we're saving it for 4/20.

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  5. after wondering why i rolled those small joints when i have bob marley kingsize papers out the yingyang, i proceded to unroll all 3 and reroll them into kingsize joints. i put the 2 with roach tops into 1 big joint, and mixed some more bud with the 3rd joint to make another kingsize. here's what i got now:

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  6. ^^^love the stashbox^^^

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