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Preparing to move, Medical marijunan issues.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nushaganazad, May 30, 2006.

  1. Well guys, this weekend my mom and i talked, and decided it was best for me to move out, due to legal problems and find a new area to live.

    Guys, i need some help on moving, and im only taking some suggestions, the final decision will be based on availabilty, but i need to decide on what state to move to, and what city.

    Based on these things i need people to give me good places, in the states, to move to.

    1)Medicle Marijuana available for an 18 year old, i want to live somewhere where i can get medi clubs and my own personal card, this is a requirement, i WILL move to a state with this.

    2)I would prefer a larger, girl to guy ratio. lol

    3)Popular Night Life, Car clubs.

    4)Big City.

    5)Slack marijuana laws.

    6) i havent decided yet, but there is a possibility on wanting to move out of the states, and into canada, like toronto or that area, but it would be hard to convince me to do so, i dont know enough about it to do that.

    any suggestions guys? I like the idea of Colorado, or Cali, But i dont want a place with a high cost of living because after a few months working on my own there ill need to take over my own bills.

    Thank you in advance for helping me.
  2. dude...why not just be more careful where you are just seems kind of foolish to move entirely because of marijuana, but if you have other reasons for moving and are going to do so anyway and you want a good medical marijuana state i mean cali has by far the most clubs which means better if you're looking for good bud go there...unfortunately cost of living is higher on average but you could make it work if you want to move out there...i can't really suggest any cities to you because you can probably decide that on your own...but as far as big cities go i've thought about moving to la or vegas possibly when i turn 21 for the night life there...colorado is a really nice state with good buds there's a lot of places i know i'd love to be in the u.s. that's what's nice about this country there's something for if you really don't like where you are by all means go somewhere else, just go with your gut that's my only advice...
  3. if i had the choice to move anywhere in the country, i would move to Nor Cal.
  4. no there are alot more reasons to moving then just legal problems, i know i want out of Kentucky, ohio, and indiana, ive lived at this corner my entire life, and sick of it for one. So im ready to move to a new location.

    for instnace last year i moved on my own to florida for a month to go to a training course, and i loved it, no doubt, had a good dealer i met the day i moved in, and it was nice and sunny out, tons of babes, and good work, but i had to come home, and the weed laws are harsh, so im basing my next move on slack weed laws firstly, but after that, ill choose where in the state based on available work. lol

    THanks for the suggestions soo far, id love to move to cali, but ive never even been there, and i heard its expensive to live there, but its possible for me to go. idk yet. thank you, thus far.

  5. it is pretty nice for sure...the bud is plentiful...i go to school out there but i'd like to explore other areas to the south as well la, san diego, san luis obispo, the bay area is nice but cost of living is kinda high... but i really like it out there on the whole also want to see seattle it seems like it would be chill as hell there i just don't like rain much...that's the downside to pnw it tends to rain a lot and has cooler weather. Arizona is pretty cool not sure about medical mj there though but i know a few people that moved there from oh to go to university of arizona and they loved it...
  6. nor cal, if you want to actually live like you said in a nice city....ridiculous idea. so heads up cuz you wont be able to afford it unless you got a nice job.
  7. yeah all of cali is expensive as hell

    but good luck nush
  8. I would suggest So cal, just live a bit outside of the L.A.

    A good place to start is Riverside - bad smog, but it's an hour away from L.A., four hours from Vegas, and a few from San Diego; you do feel like you're smack dab in the middle. Plus, Orange County is 40 minutes away and they have quite a listing in NORML for medical marijuana.

    I would suggest Orange County, it's less, um, boondocks and more upper class; but I hate O.C. as much as I hate Irvine. No offense to anyone, but come on! It's like living with plastic people! They all look exactly alike (blonde skinny L.A. wannabes or whatnot) If you've ever seen The Oblongs, the valley feels like Moreno Valley and Riverside while the Hill is Irvine and O.C.! Still, I'd pick Riverside over O.C. and Irvine any day.
  9. move to Humboldt County. cheap rent, GREAT, u didnt hear me...>GREAT weed. no city life but GREEAT weed and CHEEAP rent.
  10. The San Francisco Bay Area :hello:

    There's 3 major cities within 30 mins of each other all with populations fairly big (SF 800,000, San Jose 1,000,000, Oakland 400,000) and the nightlife is great if that's what you're into. The bud is like no other and has to be experienced to be believed. There's more clubs than you can count and the mentality around here about marijuana is probably the best in the country. Only thing is be prepared to shell out $1,000 for a 1 bedroom apt. in SF and about $650 for the same in the suburbs. You get what you pay for though there is almost no smog and the views around here are amazing.
  11. 650 for a 1 bedroom is what it is here in the subburbs. So i could afford that, ill consider SF, not a bad idea at all lol. but thats how i live now, 30 mins cinci, 30 from louisville, and 30 from lexington lol. i love it, but yea that sounds real nice lol. How easy is it to get a card?
  12. It would be too hard for me to make a move like that. Most of my dealers ive known for 10 years+

    I'd have no idea what to do id just sit in my apt getting high by myself all day..
  13. ^ im very social though host, im very quick to find and make friends, lol. I dont worry about it much. lol, and ive only been smoking since last january, so not too bad
  14. Good luck with it.

    But also remember while Cali has a high cost of living, their wages are also a bit better. It's still going to be expensive, but don'y compare you job wages in the midwest to what you'll be making in Cali.

    And for the weed laws you're speaking of, Cali is the only state I would recommend. lol
  15. I suggest moving to Oregon...Really easy to get a card and fairly cheap to live.
  16. If you're looking to stay in the states I'd say Cali, Seattle or Oregon.

    Don't move to Denver, although I am an avid Broncos fan the city is filled with meth and crack heads, when I was there didn't like the atmosphere nor would I like to live there.

    Seattle is a beautiful city honestly one of the most well kept in the entire US and they are fairly lax when it comes to Marijuana same goes for Oregon and the whole northwest. Although I am sure Cali would be a great place to move it would not be my first choice (although the med system sounds sweet!).

    In all honesty I'd move to Vancouver! The city has a great night life, people are friendly, can't beat the bud, its absolutely gorgeous (snow capped mountains!) and you can have sessions with Spliff!

    No matter what decsion you make, make sure that you make it for more reasons than just getting a Med card.

  17. Here is my two cents about it, well I live out here in Cali and yes I would have to say our medical marijuana is off the hook as well as alot of the stuff you can get off the streets. If you move out here in So CAl I would say move to the I.E. which is the inland empire, rent is cheaper out that way but dispensaries are scarce out that way to but I know of a few. Another option could be Seattle I have lived there as well rent is cheap up there and I know there weed is good as well although I do not know how there medical marijuana scene is Im sure it is on the same level as ours.
  18. $150 dollars, your medical records, and an hour trip into the city. :hello:
  19. spliff...lets hear some more about vancouver, i mean what requirments do you have to meet to move outta the Us and into Canada, i would NOT mind living in canada at all. But my only reason for not choosing to do so is....just pure arrogance, i dont know anything about it. I dont know how id transfer alll my records, or anything it seems very complicated to move to a new country. But seems worth while.

    and Yes, seattle is another place i would love to go. i was also considerig there, how is COL there?
  20. In all actuality Vancouver is one of the greatest places to live in the world. If you live downtown you will have endless things to do, although downtown rent can be pricey (remember Canadian $). Marijuana is socially acceptable so smoking isn't much of a problem. I can't really tell you what transfering school records as I have no personal experience with it but I am sure you could find out somewhere.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

    Oh and if you'd like to stay in the US definetly look into Seattle it is similar to Vancouver in almost every way.

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