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    Hey everyone! long time reader just started posting awhile back. I've been doing research on growing for about a year now, and I'm ready to try it. I live in Oregon where it is legal to grow and consume but I still want to keep this grow on the down low due to the fact that I rent my home. I've been collecting the materials I need for about 2 months slowely and on the cheap. Some might consider my set up "ghetto", but if it gets what I need I'm good with it. I made my box out of wood all together it cost me $17.00 for material and it turned out light proof. I was pretty impressed with myself my love for the Mary Jane has kinda turned me into somewhat of a handy man lol. I made my box to fit a certain spot in my garage, I planned to grow in a closet but,the wife wouldn't allow it. The measurements of the box is 4 ft tall, 32 inches deep, and 32 inches wide.

    For my exhaust I ended up gettin a 4 inch ipower inline fan it moves 190cfm and it's hooked to a ipower carbon filter that Is 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. I don't have a intake exhaust but I plan to buy another inline fan for that in the next week or so. (I bought this used for $45.00 in the box dude said he paid $90.00 for it)


    For my lighting I will be using a 150w HPS and CFL's for side penetration. I recently purchased a used 150w sun system hps light fixture from a garage sale for $20.00. I had read about this lights heat issues in small areas so I was kinda hesitant but for $20.00 I figure I've had bigger disappointments in my life. Originally the dude wanted $40.00 for it but after he hit my vaporizer a few times and some healthy conversation HE offered to drop the price. Nice guy huh.

    IMG_0074.JPG IMG_0086.JPG
    As for my first purchases was nutrients, coco, pots and humidity/ temp monitor, speed controller for fans, light timers,pots ranging from 1 gallon to 3 gallons, and power strips

    IMG_0085.JPG IMG_0088.JPG IMG_0089.JPG IMG_0091.JPG IMG_0092.JPG
    Later this moth I'll be purchasing a inline fan for the intake air,fox farm ocean mix,cal mag,ph kit,a bag of perlite and some measuring syringes for the nutes. Can anyone please give me any advise about what more to buy or concerns you have with the grow space, equipment etc.
    Also my budget was set at $200.00 I'm at $142.00 as of today I'll probually go over my budget but, most of these things were free just had them laying around or I got them used. Thank you very much for any input or suggestions you can throw my way I look forward to your constructive advice and later followed up with told ya so's.
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  2. I use the drywall troughs with coat hangers in the shape of a swingset without swings to suspend paper towels that wick up water from the troygh to get my humidity up.

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  3. Sounds like your off to a good start! I'm half way through my second grow myself. All I can think to add is that if you can put a MH bulb in the same fixture as your hps, it's better for veg

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  4. Yea unfortunately I can't I originally planned to grow with just cfls hps is added bonus
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  5. Make sure u get pH for your water

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  6. I always thought "drop seed" meant to get a girl pregnant. Hm.
  7. On the list man along with the meter
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  8. What did you guys start with? ya think this is all over board? I plan to get a hps 600w cool tube or led next if I can get good at this.

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