Preparing outside compost for indoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by MajorToker, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. I know my bagged compost is sterilized somehow to kill pathogens and critters. How does one do this?
  2. Please don't say to cook in the oven. My girlfriend will effing kill me
  3. Look up hot composting. It takes 18 days vs 6-12months and destroys seeds and pathogens.

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  4. That makes about as much sense as fat free buttermilk.

    One of the biggest reasons for compost is the rich and varied micro herd, fungi, and critters, and you want to kill it all?

    Shame on you!:watching:
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    That's what I'm saying dog? What do I do with it? Just bring it from the pile? Termites and all? Should I atleast sprinkle some neem on and let it sit in an open sandbag in the shed for a week?

    I seek guidance. I just don't like seeing all those termites crawling around in there.

    Another reason I source my own is as you stated it doesn't make sense.
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  6. Update: lmao. On the bag itself it is not explained properly. It is sterilized of pathogens through the high temperatures that occur during the composting process but what my question is here is what to do with it before bringing it in? I've only used home made outside.
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  7. Ty sir
  8. You can screen your compost, it'll aid in getting rid of some of the riff raff! Makes it a nice even texture too...

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