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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by budence1979, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. i just purchased 2 400 watt lights. 1 hps 1 big of a box should i build??? i plan on doing sog, so i will have 2 compartments to grow box, the left side with hps/mh for veg and flowering, the right for germination,clones lite by how big can i build this for 400 watts?:wave:
  2. A 400w HPS is good for 4-8 flowering plants. The 400w MH you got is probably overkill for a veg room for a sog operation to supply a 400w flower room, but certainly not a problem to use.
  3. i yhought i could use the hps during veg and the mh during flowering??

  4. Im sure you can but your plants will love you more vise versa ...
  5. that's funny i got the exact same size box, but with an aircooled 1000W....with a 400cfm exhaust fan and duct booster fan for the light, its good....

    but knowing what i kno now i would have made it a 6by6 so i can actually walk around....
  6. at 4x4x7 how many plants you got in there? how many fans and how is the cheapest way to provide co2?:wave:

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