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Preparing for potential drug test with frozen urine - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dylan8433, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. I have just heard too much about quick fix not working under certain circumstances so I feel a lot better just freezing my own urine, so I have devised a plan based on my research and would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, tips, concerns etc. about it.

    Things that will pertain to this:
    1. Urine is good for 8-24 hours at room temp...the general consensus is 8-12 hours
    2. Urine is good for up to a week in the refrigerator
    3. Urine, stored in an airtight container, can be good for up to a year when frozen.
    4. I have a job where random testing is an option, so I will need to have one ready for every day, at room temp, since I don't want it to go bad I need a fresh one every day.

    What I want to do is I'm going to get a small freezer just for this purpose. While being clean, get about 10 2-liter bottles, clean them out with hot water thoroughly, then put in boiling water to make sure no bacteria, then they will go in the freezer. Every time I have to piss, I will go use these bottles one by one until they are all filled up. Next, I will get some brand new smaller ~3oz plastic airtight bottles, about enough for one of the bigger bottles to fill.

    I will then take one of the 2-Liters, put it in the fridge until it has all turned back into a liquid (I'm assuming ~36 hours), then I will fill up the smaller bottles with about 75ml each, and put those back in the freezer. Then around 36 hours before that day of work I will take a small bottle from the freezer and put it in the fridge. When I get ready for work that morning, take that bottle and put it in warm water so it can get up to temp, then it will go in my urinator which I will strap to my leg for that day of work.

    So each sample will be in the fridge about 3 days total. So each day will consist of putting a bottle from the freezer to fridge to prepare, and warming one up and strapping to myself. Once the newest bottle gets to around the 9 month mark I will get myself clean again and redo all over again.

    Before doing this I'm going to give a sample around a month under these conditions and then test it for validity to make sure nothing has gone wrong in the process.

    Any thoughts or advice from anyone who has frozen before?

    Ill reiterate, this is for random testing that can happen at any day any time, so I need to be prepared each day, its not anything I will have notice for to be able to just go home or to get a friend to piss for me.

    Also, this will be tested at a lab, LabCorp to be exact.

  2. So you're doing this every single day? Fk it man time to quite smoking
  3. Or a new job

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  4. been quit for 9 months now, tired of it.
  5. really not that big of a deal, it will only be about 3 minutes of work every day
  6. Carry piss around everyday for the rest of your working career isn't a small deal. It's just weed man.
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  7. no its just a job I have while im going to school for a computer right now, but its a DOT authority job so they have to follow protocol, and I would rather strap pee to my leg and have my very decent job making 17 dollars an hour versus my other option of getting a job making 10 dollars or less doing something ireally don't like.

    You barely notice you are wearing it.
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  8. To each their own bro. I would just quit smoking if it's that important, doesn't mean you have to.
  9. ight thank you for your help
  10. you said in the other post that you freeze your 5 hour bottles of piss, how long have you kept one frozen for?
  11. Ya like I said I rarely have to piss and even then I know when it's coming. It's always unwatched. I was talking as a way to handle the upcoming piss test you have, not day after day, year after year. I just take the energy bottle out of my drawers and pour it in the bottle, it's a 1 time deal here and there and I know when. No way I'm going through that routine daily and then have to carry piss everywhere all day. Keeping temp, would be hard. Pocket warmers get too hot after awhile. That's why I Warm them up before hand and just ball it to regulate temp. It will hold awhile, not all day. Hell man I've used old as hell piss. That bottle I showed, I'm not even sure how old it is.
  12. the urinator is where keeping the temp right comes in. but alright I get it dude you wouldn't do it
  13. No way I'm carrying piss around and going through that everyday. I'm willing to bet neither will you in the long run. Maybe for awhile until it gets really really old and you start feeling silly with a urinator on you every day, day after day. It is funny to think about though
  15. I've used refrigerated and frozen urine to pass a test many times. When they test you at work they are just testing to see if you have any metabolites of any of the drugs they look for in your pee. I think what your doing is good prep but a little overkill. You have your reasons though. It will work fine.

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