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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by nugs420, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I am looking for any good advice about growing outdoors. Any of you successful growers out there, PLEASE HELP! I have grown before, but I want to have huge monster plants next year just for my personal use. I found this recipe for a good soil mix:

    1 bale Sunshine mix or Promix (3.8 cubic feet)
    8 cups bonemeal
    4 cups bloodmeal
    1-1/3 cup epsom salts
    3-4 cups dolomitic lime
    1 tsp fritted trace elements
    4 cups kelp meal
    25 lbs pure worm castings

    Has anyone ever used this mix and what were your results? How many gallons of mix will this make. I need about 50 gallons of mix when I´m finished. I have found all of these ingredients at my local organic supply store. Should I grow in large containers or just in the ground? I´m looking to get at least a 1/2 lb minimum from each plant. I´ve heard of people yielding 2 lbs from one plant. How is that possible? My growing season lasts from early April until harvest at the end of October and I will be starting my plants from seeds indoors in March. Is there any way to train the plants so they will yield more? I have tried topping them before, but that just seems to make the plant small and yield less big buds. Any good advice will be greatly appreciated. PEACE and happy toking.
  2. I did all that and had a bad experience. Here's what happenned:
    I dug out a 2 x 2 hole in natural clay soil we have around here and filled it with the mix, in winter to let it mellow and blend. Well come spring I put my plants in and the rains came and water just sat in the holes. I guess the clay soil surrounding the hole retained the water in the hole. My plants drowned in the water. Otherwise the mix is good because I had great results with it in different surround soiltypes. Just put it in a place that wont retain water in the holes!
  3. I am thinking about using this mix, but I am going to grow in containers. I´ve heard some people say that they are OK with 5-gallon buckets. Where I live we have a long growing season, about 8 months or more. I will propably use 20-gallon containers above the ground or maybe burried, if I can dig a hole big enough. This should be plenty of space to grow monster plants. I will drill holes in the bottom and put a few inches of large gravel in the bottom for good drainage and increased air for the roots. On top of the gravel, I will fill the rest of the container with the soil recipe mentioned above, unless someone knows a better soil mix. When they sart to flower (July or August) I will feed them with a good flower food like Monster Bloom or Budswel. Does anyone out there recomment a good organic, bud-boosting fertilizer?

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