preparing for my firt grow ever!!!

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  1. so i finally ordered my seeds (kaya gold from nirvana). i chose these because it said they deal with with rougher climates and are good for beginners and this is my frit grow. By the way if anyone else on this form has grew these seeds let me know how it went.

    ok so basically im about to grow 5 seeds feminized. Im going to germinate them indoors for about 10 days then transfer outside in 5 gal buckets around mid march - early april bec in NC itll be moderately cool like 60-85 degrees during mid day.

    i just have a few questions before i begin.

    1. Im expecting ABOUT 2-3 pounds dried after its all done. Is this reasonable to expect?

    2. will the sunlight damage the seedlings after being germinated indoors? i read theyre sensitive to the sun when transfered from indoor to outdoor

    3. what type of nutriets for a resonable cost should i get? I not in full understanding of the NPK ration and times and shit about it?

    4. If i water it 3 times a week mon, wed and friday around 11 would that be fine?

    5. Should i feed the plant? if so, with what and how much?

    6. When should i start giving it nutrients?

    thanks everyones help is fucking apprepreacted haha i cant spell that shit right
  2. 1. deff not here is my first grow ever alot of bud but didnt expect a apound cured and dryed that was my biggest plant 2.No it is good forsedling to be in dark.thats why most guides says put two plates over the seeds 3. Dont do any nuets your most like going to mess up...all beginners should grow% organic all the way down to the soil.Simply so they can see the pros and cons of MJ. 4.It all comes down to how humid or dry it is where you live...if the seedling stay moist on those time periods youll be fine. 5. Same as #3 6. Once again same as #3

  3. so your saying i should basically just put the seed in soil and place outside and just basically water it? and nothing else? i read where most plants die like that or yeild very small amounts?

  4. my suggestion is that you continue reading around here for the next few the stickys.. check out the organic the journals...
    secondly... 10 days of germinating will drown'd your seeds.....

  5. I'm not saying im experienced at all.. but you might want to read up ALOT on your 'gardening' before starting this year.. most likely it will turn out better with you just leaving it alone.. maybe watering it WHEN THE SOIL IS DRY (You dont need a schedule for watering, because maybe it rains one day, then super hot the next week) Watering that much would probably drown it, and you would probably screw up on the fert and nutrients and kill it. Until you have your entire plan in your head (location, how to water, when to plant, etc) DO NOT EVEN BUY YOUR SEEDS.

    Read all of these, I'm planning my first grow for april 20th (420!) or if it's a bit too cold up here in Canada a little bit later. but I digress, I have probably read each of these at least 3 times, you'll be surprised at how complicated (or simple) it can be.

    The Cannabis Grow Bible
  6. Don't listen to that first guy; Remption...

    1. How much you yield is not easily estimated, far too many variables. But for only 5 plants and a first grow, I would give you a pound or a little less(and thats if everything goes as planned).

    2. You only need to germinate seeds until they crack and the radicle(first root) comes out. At which point you may carefully plant the seed.

    3. nutes.... For the sake of ease and to save money i would go with some jack's classic. You can get a tub of veg nutes and a tub of bloom nutes for like 10 bucks haha. And it's way better than miracle grow or anything else in that price range. Don't bother with organic for now. If in the future you decide to jump on the organic train, then by all means go ahead.

    4. It's not really practical or necessary to be visiting your spot three times a week to water. I would go for once-- preferably twice a week for watering. And you'll want to add nutes to the water about one a week or every other week. Learn to read your plants' needs.

    5. ?? See answer 3.

    6. Start giving nutrients at about 1/4 strength when the plants are on their second set of true leaves. Slowly step it up from there little by little. Be VERY careful not to over-nute the plants, this is about the worst and most common mistake new growers make.

    There you go, a bit of an essay, but hopefully it helps.
  7. thanks man and no it was a good read. i just have a small q. is it better to under fert the plant then to over?
  8. lol ok bro i bet you my grow came out just ass good as your if not better and it was my first grow i would have gotten atleast 12 Os from that one plant and I had 4 others that looked just the one I posted in this thread.checkout out my other thread I posted with my plants...And I didnt use any fertilizer PH meter and not even germinated the seeds...I didnt even go out and buy soil.So what im sating is I dnt know every little way to grow better bud.but I know how to grow it to a great harvest for my knowlege.and I think my advice was gret.Ive seen very few growers on this site start out with advanced fertilizers or plant food for thire first grow and not mess up let alone do it right without doing nuet burn or killing the roots.

  9. in a sense yes and no... if you put to much furts on her she will burn up...(unless you happen to catch it at the start and flush like crazy with water)

    to little furts and she will be a bright green and not grow very fast and wont give very big nugs...

    depending on the strain som plants like lots of furts som dont... its kinda a nutshell question..

    you can check out worm castings they wont burn the plant and you can add that right to your soil mix....

  10. you said almost the same things i said bout the nutes then i did and the one guy said dnt listen to him its bogus info

  11. ferts not furt.

  12. blow me homo
  13. For starting the seeds use 3 parts miracle grow organic (doesn't have all the nutes in it) 1 part worm castings (if you cant find worm castings use compost) 1/2 part vermiculite(danks mix and a good one). This will feed the plants as long as you pot up with it. Soak the seeds and put them in soil. You will want to fuck with them but don't. Don't poke around in the soil and shit. They will pop. After your ten days take them outside and put them in a semi shady area for the first week. After that let them get full sun. After about a month put them in the five gallon pots with what ever soil you want to. For nutes go with the foxfarm trio soil pack. It is easy to understand and good for beginners. As for how much you get that is the tricky part. Easily you could get about a 1/2 pound a plant but you probably won't. A few weeks into flower you will probably start picking buds off here and there and you will probably harvest way to early. Don't worry it happens to everybody in the beginning. As for watering there is a big difference in pots and the ground. In the ground you can get away with twice a week once with plain water and once with nutes. In a pot after a couple of months or beginning of flowering you will probably have to water every other day as the roots will fill the pot and dry the soil way faster. Still only use nutes once a week if there in pots. The most important rule and you have to live by this shit.
    Don't fuck with them more than you have to. Like a retarded guy with a bunny to much love will kill any thing.

  14. this was really helpful man thanks! So do you think like home depo or the gardening section in lowes will have those nutriets supplements? Also i read something like 20-13-13 npk ration im not sure thats exactly it but how do i know how much of each fert to use? and when to put the feed in the soil? Also i was just going to germinate the seed and place it straight into the 5 gal bucket. would that be fine?
  15. Probably not. You may have to order them online or you can go to a feed and seed and see if they have a good organic fertilizer. You will need one for veg and one for bloom. On any fertilizer start with 1/4 of what the bottle says. Every week work up a little. With any good soil mix like the one I said earlier you really don't need to feed until they hit a month old. If using a soil less mix with no nutes you can feed after they hit 2 weeks old. I wouldn't put the seed straight into the 5 gallon bucket. You need to start with a small pot and get a really good root ball. Try to pot up at least twice before you put them in the 5 gallon bucket.
  16. this might seem like a dumb question but are their like set date of the stages? like when the plant is going from veg to bloom then budding? and i heard that during budding like late when its almost ready to harvest you cant get water on the buds? is this true?
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    Not being offensive (okay, a bit) but that is a dumb question. (If your planning on growing in just a few short months) Refer to my other post so you can actually learn this stuff.

    EDIT: Just so you know, almost any question you have will most likely be answered in one of those sources.

    Also, make sure you have a good spot if your growing kaya gold haha, that shit gets TALL
  18. yeah i know im a little worried it gets like 11 feet my freind said (he did the same seeds and said he yeilded like a motha fucka from them)
  19. Yea they do have very nice yields, but please do read the sources i gave you!

    They will make growing a much more enjoyable experience by being able to self-diagnose (to some-extent, real skill comes with practice) and to not have to ask so many questions.

    It will generally make you feel better about your grow by giving you a complete.. I don't know.. fullness in your general knowledge of cannabis.
  20. Also, (although I'm not completely educated on either) topping and fimming your plant might reduce the height.. from what I gather, fimming is cutting off most (2/3's?) of the main cola, or i guess the shoot (before its grown more than an inch or two? Again, i'm not too sure) to separate it into two smaller colas, therefore making the overall height a bit smaller.

    And I'm nto too sure what topping is.. is it basically tying it down? 'Training' it to not grow straight up or something? I'm not completely sure, defenitely need to read up on it but hopefully will not need to as im hoping to grow northern lights.

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