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preparing for my drug screen at my new job!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cLoud kickerr, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. So apparently my graduate school degree just doesn't cut it. I guess a 3.5 gpa and a MBA still means I have to take a drug screening. I'm not worried tho, I've been through it before.

    Wish me luck!!!
  2. am i the only one who finds drug tests fun? i like having my piss examined
  3. Hahah!! What if I walked in and said "I'm not a good test taker". That'll work, right? It's probably better than "hey! Come play with my piss!!!"
  4. be careful. im sure you all set and all but some poeple dont know that thc stores in fat cells

    so if you burn fat close to the time of your ua, you can still fail, even though you are pretty much clean by taking a drink, or not smoking for a while, or detoxed
  5. Or using synthetic. The best choice if your currently smoking.

  6. I guess i should include I'm 6'8 285. Iwork out every day with 30 min of cardio before and after, I cycle on a lot of different supplements, and I detox regularly. I take b12, a multi-vitamin, animal-pak vitamins (on max-out days), creatine, glutamine, protein. I cycle through oxy-elite (fat burner) and I take muscle pharm assault as a pre workout 3 weeks on, one week off. I also drink 2 to 3 gallons of water a day. (If I'm going biking its closer to 3)

    My last job I had to take a drug test and when I did, the lab people called and ask what I take as far as medicine and I told them all about my supplements and had to explain to my job that its all for weight lifting and MMA training. My old boss was like "you wouldn't even have time to do drugs with all of that going on!"

    I smoke every day. Hahaha :)
  7. wtf dude you're fucking massive
  8. I'm above average ;)
  9. You should just fuck everybody in the clinic and not take the test.

    Just walk in with a cowboy hat on and make sure your teeth are like super white and say your here for the "Whole Package", and then smile.

    "You want me to piss? You gotta pass the physical, i like to know who's testing me."

    Fuck your way into a pass!!! Throw down some man shit.
  10. Done. I'm gonna talk like Matthew McConaughey when I do it too.
  11. No dress up as batman it's more masculine.
  12. I like where your head's at....
  13. Passed and got the job! Yippie!
  14. Congrats!

  15. Trying to imagine you squealing "yippie" like a little girl, having a fun time.
  16. I always pass my piss tests even if I smoked everyday for a month before idk why I just have the golden urine
  17. Haha!

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