Prepared for the beach

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by EuphoricStereo, May 26, 2010.

  1. Peace GC :smoke:

    I rolled all these for me and three friends going to this beach house.


    Also have some purp left(Another thread if you wanna find it)

    so ready to just chill for a while. Last year we did the same except we had no weed... This 50 year old lady ( We were 17 then)
    **** TO BE CLEAR THAT WAS LAST YEAR. I am NOW 18****** haha

    Anyway this 50 year old lady finds us...and asks if we wanna toke...she showed us the magical lights in the water. Basically there is some bioluminescence shit going on. And it is so trippy...I love the things you learn from your elders. :smoke:

    Hoping for an even better time this year! Good vibes for everyone! :hippie:
  2. Edit: have a good time at the beach
  3. Eyah geev'um! Charge the beach and have a great time in mother ocean. And yeah brah, always respect the elders.

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