Prepare to have your life drastically improved!

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  1. Saw this on reddit. Can't believe I have lived 23 years without knowing this was possible.
  2. Your life must be boring...
  3. No comprendo, amigo.
  4. What exactly happened? Did they just stretch out the rim and spew the goo in?
  5. even better if your a restaurant like mcds, just use their coke lids as ketchup holders
  6. What? the invention of jello? Or do you mean, a triple penis shaped jello?
  7. Cool , I've never thought of that ...
  8. Sticky icky Ketchup. lol I know what you mean. lol :smoke:
  9. You can expand those little condiment cups you get from fast food joints so they can hold more ketchup and stuff. I didn't know that and thought it was neat.
  10. I like stretching the rim out too..

  11. Those sauce cups (the kinds you see in some diners and fast food joints) are made with an almost-circle of paper, with an adjustable paper rim. :)

    The circle 'cup' is folded in such a way, that it can be partially unfolded with a little pressure. The same with the rim... it's overlapped and folded, then rolled, which allows it to expand when pulled.

    So, if you gently pull around the edges, you can expand the cup, almost (or possibly more than) doubling its volume/capacity. :hello:
  12. You guys need a girlfriend

  13. I have a girlfriend. This is a breakthrough in ketchup science, now I don't have to carry 4 little cups of ketchup..
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    If people didn't take the time to enjoy the small things in life I bet you wouldn't have one.
  15. Fuck Mc Donalds.
  16. In some parts of the world, they give you one ketchup packet that has like 20ml in it or something. Whatever it is, it's like 4 or 5 of the dumb fucking little ones we have here.

    It's way better.

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