prepare for hell

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  1. how do you religion bros prepare for hell?

  2. There is no such thing so its a waste of time

  3. If you know you're going to Hell the best thing you can do is a ass load of charity work to minimize the damage.
    God will let you off easy by putting you in the 2nd circle of Hell instead of the 4th.
    My two worst sins are sloth and lust so I'm not worried about anything beyond the 2nd level.
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    A form fitting asbestos morphsuit complete with helmet.
  5. i honestly didnt like dantes inferno
  6. If you genuinely believe in hell, then you must be fucking terrified of it... I'd do everything in my power to recompense. Everything. You're not dead yet i assume, so go fix yourself. Go to a priest and get pardoned for your sins. Do a fuck load of good stuff with good intentions.

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  7. I don't know. Churches seem to be more excited about shoving the offering plate in your face than to help anyone.
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    We are already in hell
    Earth is hell u thjnk if there was a god he would let all tne shit happen that go on today ?
    Beasts rapists terrorists man we are living in hell
    There will never be peace lol
  9. I've always had this theory that hell is staying with my parents. XD
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    In many ways, we are already in Hell
    Some one, or some Thing, has pitted man against man for eons
    When our true nature is to love
    just repent right before you die and you'll go to heaven.
  12. So they say...
  13. Charity? People who need charity have already been stricken down by our lord, we can't help those lazy people...
  14. The only Hell that exists is the one we carry around in our head.  
  15. Prepare?.......PREPARE?   I was born in hell and im still here today. I will die here in hell.
  16. Hell is a state of mind, we all came from the stars, they do not judge any of us
  17. If i go to hell id ask satan for a chance to be revived and deliver him souls

    Two eyes, two ears. A chin. A mouth. Ten fingers, two nipples. A butt, two knee caps, a penis. I've just described to you the Lochness Monster. And the reward for its capture? All the riches in Scotland. So I have one question why are you here?

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