Prepaid HTC Desire 610?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by quadridincopedipper, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Anyone has one? Looking to ditch my S5 and Verizon for good.

    Any prepaid smartphones under $200 you blades would recommend? :smoke:
  2. Its a good phone. Probably the best unlocked phone IMO.

    Not as good as the S5 tho. I had an S5 for awhile till I broke it. Since I didn't want to spend 600+ on something breakable tho I looked into unlocked phones.

    I went with the Desire and it really functioned just fine. Smaller screen, weaker camera but it does everything well enough.

    I broke it tho then got a Sony Xperia for the big screen but it was too awkward to use, gotta use two hands.

    So I tried this Moto G I'm on now... Don't really like the interface. Went to trade it for the Desire but nobody around here carries it. So I think I'm gonna order an S5 on eBay.

    But for under 200, the Desire is the best.

    Only major complaint is the power button is on the top... Kinda annoying.

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