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  1. Alright guys I have a few stories (all start with a dream) and questions for my stoner friends so strap in. :wave:

    So the first tale in this series of sagas starts with me having the weirdest dream of my life. I walked into a room and see of all things Metallica style converse. I thought nothing of it, something amazing my brain made up. I looked up and saw a gecko tank and immediately knew, his name was Marley. I sit down in a folding chair thing and play Modern Warfare 3 for about 30 mins with a friend and then we go to bed and I keep staring at this stereo turned 45 degrees to the side, again thought nothing of it.

    A few days later my buddy calls me up and asks me to go blaze with him and intrigued I say yes. We blow a few bowls and Im stoned out of my gourd. Head back to his place and what do I see? Metallica converse. Wtf? I look up and out of instinct I say "Whaddup Marley" and my friend, Blake, looks at me like how did you know his name? I told him I feel like I've been there before and then I noticed the speaker, fuck me this is weird. So I head out and didnt stay the night cuz I was creeped out.

    Next dream, really short, I promise. All I could remember was a smaller version of me cleaning up this huge mess with dirty clothes and a small towel in my bathroom.

    Few days later, Blake comes to my place to smoke a blunt and I am again happy to say yes, this time I bought. We blow this thing and Im high as giraffe pussy. Damn I felt good. But then I throw up all over my bathroom and Im cleaning it up with dirty clothes and a washrag. Weird right?

    Last one, All I remember in the dream was that me and my friend Eric are cruizin this blunt and I have a body high, felt amazing. I remember telling him "If you aint chokin you aint tokin". He looked at me and said "Rob, I can smoke 4 of these things by myself, you barely make it through two matchin with me". End of dream.

    Next day we're ridin around with this blunt and every one of those things happen to us. Im freakin out now, heres my questions.

    Is it possible Im having weird premonitions about getting high for some out of this world reason?

    Is it a sign or calling or super power?
    ^not trying to sound like a little kid but super power is all I can think of

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Thanks guys, happy toking, Im about to blow down with my uncle right now :smoke::bongin:
  2. I've had a few weird things like that.. most people have those kind of things and they chalk it up to coincidence. I didn't really believe that crap was weird but it talks a lot about in the bible about premonitions and other weird things like that. I didn't think those kind of things happen though.. not until one day I was watching the science channel and they were doing test to see if there is like a "sixth sense" I was really surprised with the outcome.

    They had a test of one person sits outside with they're head blind folded and they have a walkie talkie and then someone sits inside with a chart with a walkie talkie and the person sitting inside will look at the person outside and say they're name in his head and stare at them and picture they're face then radio them in and ask "Looking or not looking?" he also ask the same question but instead of looking at the person he would look away and try not to think about the person at all and think of something completely different and ask the same question. In the end the person got like 46/50 right. The test is how when people get that weird sketchy feeling like someone is watching them.. well why do we have that? how do we know the person is watching us? its kinda like a sixth sense.

    They did another test where they have people sit in front of a monitor and they flash regular pictures and sexual pictures on the screen while they take down ur vital signs and what not.. They realized that 6 seconds before the sexual pictures showed up there was an elevation in they're vital signs. The test was to see if people could really think ahead like before u get in a car accident people say they have a really bad feeling and because they have that feeling they stop or whatever and they turn out to be ok.. a lot of people chalk all this up to coincidence but after watching that I was pretty much amazed and thought about how it could be real from what the test showed.. They also have like 12 different places around the world with a computer that constantly generates random numbers. Well nothing is random so they take notice to the pattern and whenever there has been any major disaster or a big group of people getting together with the same things on theyre mind like on 9/11 or when everyone got together when obama won and things like that.. whenever those things happened there was a HUGE spike in the random number generator and they keep record of it all.. whenever a bunch of people get onto the same mind set it changes.. there was a few more but they were really scientific and junk. Idk it changed my mind.. I think its possible people have preminitions and what not but most people are fakers.. It makes me think if we can kinda see 6 seconds into the future if theres something really bad about to happen then who says someone wasnt born with theyre minds stronger then ours in certain areas. maybe that 6 seconds is 30 or 2 minute or 15 minutes. Its crazy to think about all that.
  3. All I read was you're going to blow your uncle.:confused:
  4. Deja vu.

    Why I don't know.Lol I doubt its just some "glitch in the matrix".Could be a few different reasons why this would happen.It doesn't sound like it was an exact copy of which you had "dreamed".

    I loled when you said you didn't stay the night because you got creeped out.Try not to fear what is unkown for you.
  5. This happens to me pretty often, it's weird as fuck when it happens too
  6. I've had dreams where I kill a man. I'm not at liberty to say anymore.
  7. uhhh... I didnt?
  8. Maybe you've been to dude's house before & you just don't remember, or you've seen him wearing the converse before, & maybe he mentioned the lizard & his name before.

    Many conclusions to that.
  9. Last night I was smoking a bowl and listening to the Nas channel on Pandora on my laptop, and as I was thinking about turning it off and putting my Common-BE vinyl on, the song BE came on Pandora
    I was like :smoke::eek::smoke::eek::smoke::eek:
  10. Yesterday before lunch I was wishing I found money to buy something because I was starving, as I walked down the stairs to the cafeteria I found a dollar.

    Last week I was walking home from a friends house in the rain thinking it would be awesome if someone I knew was driving by and gave me a ride, 15 seconds later some random person pulled over and asked if I needed a ride.

    After both situations I contemplated becoming a fortune teller.
  11. I'm quite excited for Metallica's new album, and will probably change my profile picture to its album art once it comes out.

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