Premium Glass Shops in SoCal?

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  1. Merry Christmas first of all! I'm visiting my folks out in California and I wanna check out some glass around here. I know there are great shops around Orange County and LA for some premium glass, I just don't know how to find them. SoCal Natives, I ask of you, what are the best LHS to check out around the area? :smoking:
  2. Dementia at the following locations:

    21804 Ventura Blvd
    Woodland Hills CA 91364
    (818) 716-7473

    14512 Ventura Blvd
    Sherman Oaks CA 91403
    (818) 461-1393

    6334 Laurel Canyon Blvd
    North Hollywood CA 91606
    (818) 506-3011

    2003 State St
    Santa Barbara CA 93105
    (805) 682-7475
  3. Thanks! I'll check out the one in Hollywood. If anyone knows of any places farther south, that'd be great too.
  4. High Priority Glass in Long Beach
    Awesome shop
  5. Just took a peek at it online. Looks awesome as tits. Thanks. Too bad they don't carry soveriegnty though. :confused:

    I'll be stopping by it for sure
  6. There's also a pretty good shop in Riverside :rolleyes: H20 lab technologies :D
  7. If you're down in SD, I've lived there for a year and find Funky Monkey in Pacific Beach to be the best for high end glass. Had a number of sovereignty and toro tubes in last time I stopped by.
  8. I've been thinking of driving out to riverside and visiting aye el tea. But it's pretty far. I'll try to check out funky monkey too.

  9. Go to HPG. They don't carry Sov. for a very good reason, the guys there will explain to you why.

    (Hint: BC) ;)
  10. High Priority Glass (Long Beach)
    Sandbox Smokeshop (Redondo Beach)
    Dementia (Any location posted above)
    Aqua Lab Technologies (Riverside)

    Those are a few off the top of my head.
  11. Music Revolution, in Anaheim, has a decent selection.

    52 E Orangethorpe, Anaheim CA 92801


    The afore-mentioned Dementia stores have a better overall selection, though. Still, it's somewhere else to check out :)
  12. Check out Maverick Smoke Shop by UCLA. They have a couple high end pieces plus their selection is pretty nuts a bunch of glass.
  13. ^Haha you made an account just to push your own shops name? Hmmmmm
  14. Been a lurker for a while figured Id finally make an account then I saw your post lol. Check us out we have a pretty solid selection and are open late Our website is kinda lame (my boss is lazy) but I run our instagram account which IMO is a bit better lol. Wherever you choose to go I hope you find a great pipe!

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