Premature flowering

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  1. This is a Mango plant from 710 genetics.
    It has been outside on 14+ hour days, but I just noticed it is already flowering. It's extremely small.
    I would really prefer the plant get bigger and wait to flower, but I'm uncertain of my options.
    I know it's common practice to pick off buds of other plants like peppers and tomatoes in order to delay their flowering and encourage more growth first. Would this potentially be effective?
    Do I need to just leave it be? Start using flowering nutrients?

    Didn't have this problem with either of my photos last year :bang:

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  2. personally, I would continue feeding regular nutes. She may just snap out of flower and back to veg.
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  3. You simply put it out to early. It will reveg once the daylight hours increase again. It will put out single bladed leaves then become bushy looking as it slowly reverts back to a vegetative state of growth. Then around the first or second week of August she will return to a flowering state once again.
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  4. How long does it usually take to flip back?

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  5. It's usually a long drawn out process and the plants will start looking funky. Once you start seeing single fingered leaves you'll know it's going back into veg.

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  6. Hybrid Civilian has answered your question, with pictures. Excellent response BTW. I learned this the same way as you are @BackyardGrower.
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  7. that one is pretty compared to the one i had last year , it was so dang ugly i pulled it up hahaha
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  8. Yeah I've seen some pretty fugly ones before haha

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  9. So every single one of my photos has gone into premature flowering. I planted at the same time, or even earlier last year (I planted twice separated by about 2 weeks this year) and didn't have these problems. The days have been at least 14 hours and getting longer, there was no confusion from inside to outside because they were started outside.
    I am confused and frustrated :sad:
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    Plants don't work on our system of time. Whatever hours of light your photo's needed to flower, they had, a whole lot of worse problems to have. That's kinda a scheduling issue. :confused_2: U could move em inside? & let them finish flowering, leave em outside to re-veg & flower in the fall?, or yank em :thumbsdown:. Good luck.:Love-Plant:
  11. Just looking to better understand..

    What state are you located in? Trying to better understand your locale sun rise / set information.
    what were the exact dates they went outside.
    Were all your plants that preflowered mango seeds from 710?
    You said they were outside for 14+ hours a day. Were you then bringing them inside to a dark room?
  12. You expected to have the same weather & hrs of daylight THIS YEAR that you did last year??? :confused_2: could that be it? Date planted & general area??? to be nosy.
  13. Yeah, I assumed the daylight hours would be the same, why wouldn't they be?
    There have been several cloudy days, but I thought the sun was generally bright enough that the plants still know its day time.
    VA. I checked and I guess the first two got started on closer to 13.5hrs, but the later two I planted had at least 14 hours from sunrise to sunset since day 1. I only brought them inside a few nights because there were storms.
    All different strains, and different from the two different strains I grew last year.
    I guess I just got lucky with genetics last year?
  14. "why wouldn't they be"? IDK what/how, but something musta been different.
  15. Last year I had 3 photos. 1 went straight into flowering and finished in 60 days, faster than any of the autos. It was a small, but otherwise very nice plant. At the time I assumed I had gotten a mislabeled seed and it was actually an auto of some type.
    The other two photos grew as expected.

    This season I have 4 photos. 2 seemingly have flipped back to veg with no issues and don't show any strange growth, the other two seem to be doing the same thing as the early finish photo from last year.

    I don't think I understand how all of this works any better :confused_2::laughing:
  16. Ours is not to reason why, ours is to party on Wayne. :metal:
  17. I got 8 plants going and I have one that seems to be going into flower. Pretty sure it must have been mixed up with an auto, cause I don't get autos, don't like em. Either that or the earth is fucked up!

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  18. Differences exist between seeds from the same strain, even if they all come from the same plant. Just like between brothers in the same family. We call that pheno types. Despite that earth is truly fucked up, there's nothing to worry about a plant that would prefer to flower with different day length. That is why, inside, growers wouldn't go any lower that a 16-8 light schedule, to be sure that all plants stays in vegetative mode. And same goes for the 12-12 schedule to induce flowering as growers knows some plant could flower properly under 14-10 but most of them would need more dark time.
    Also, some plant expresses more pre flowers than others when they become sexually mature, to the point you could wonder if flowering have truly begun. Not saying that mislabelled seed is not a possibility, but most likely you'll see that the plant is still growing like a vegetative one.
  19. Update. Two went into flowering and stayed in flowering. One was a very very small little plant, the other a small plant. Bud wasn't all that well developed either. Both duds from planting too early. It was 1 plant from the earlier planting and 1 from the later planting that did this.

    Here's a picture of the other two. They did show hairs in their first days, but went right back to veg with no issues.
    There seems to be some pest damage on one, but overall they seem healthy.
    20230802_124916.jpg 20230802_124902.jpg
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