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    The one everyone's afraid of, but I have concerns in need of a little guidance and support, so any people deciding to be funny will be ignored.

    I've been on and off, having sex with a close friend of mine nearly close to 5 years, and the sex has been quite intense. On average, I'd say it's about 3-4 times a month, but on occasion we do it that many times in a week. These sessions were no real quickies neither; they weren't hour long power sessions, but we both got our total enjoyment out of it, I know this(I'm fully aware of what a fake orgasm sounds like). Enough stated, I have a bit of experience, but lately, every time we get into the deed, it only takes me less 5 minutes to ejaculate, rather than my average time, which is around 23-33 minutes. As far as I know, other than my schedule for school and work, nothing's changed much. In fact, I've even been trying to eat healthier, and do a bit of cardio, but I've observed no notable difference. I've exercised Google countless times during my endeavor, hoping that an online medical journal or website would offer assistance, but still also to no avail.

    So I reach my green thumb out to any one in Grasscity; hopefully someone pulls it.

    wait.. fart.
  2. If you want some straightforward and credible answers, the most effective way to receive them isn't insulting your audience.

    On that note, tape a picture of Jimmy Carter to your girlfriends face during intercourse, adds on at least 15 minutes of enjoyment to my sexual experiences.
  3. Yeah man no need for that here, not only that, but whats wrong with gay people? why do you need to rag on them?
  4. Try deep breathing, Relaxing and If you feel your about to climax, Stop and continue
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  5. I put it down to technique man, when you were going for 20-30 mins you were probably changing position etc and stopping briefly whereas now your just pounding away... practice some moves which give you a momentary break.

  6. 1. Not insulting entire audience, only the narrow minded people who would think I don't know what a fake orgasm sounds like.

    2. "Faggot" is just a word to me. If you have any connotation of your own attached to it (i.e. a demeaning word meant to diminish the worth/being of a member of the gay community) then that's your own issue.

    3. I put a picture of Leatherface on her already, so I believe Jimmy Carter won't be any more effective.
  7. Be lucky you don't have delayed ejaculation , it took me an hour and a half to jizz this morning
  8. This isn't about connotation, because you didn't use it in a way in which it could have varying connotations. You simply insulted your audience because you 'prematurely' misconceived that they would question your ability to discern between a fake and real orgasm (i.e. your knowledge about sex), therefore you insulted them in order to shroud your own ignorance, by expressing your arrogance; its called the mirroring effect. You could substitute the word 'stupid', 'ignorant', or whatever, but it'll still be perceived as insulting because of how you used it. It's not my issue, its your issue, learn how to use words correctly.

    Damn, you used Leatherface and still nothing? It might be time to bring out the big guns.


    Use only in case of emergency.
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  9. It may be a word to you, but others may take extreme offense to it. As the other poster mentioned, perhaps you need to learn better word choices. Faggot has been developed to describe(offend) gay people, so its not a matter of personal connotation, its a matter of respect. There are a lot of people who would be offended by that, not just me.

    Also, based on the fact that you were so quick to make that remark before anyone even said anything to 'ward people off', I'm left to think you have some issues with yourself, which can also lead to premature ejaculation.

    Tldr; check yourself before you wreck yourself
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  10. If I smoke a bowl before having sex, I can usually last longer. Plus, it feels freaky fantastic.
  11. Drink a handle of whiskey. You'll be able to go for hours.
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    Yea, it kinda amazes me every day I see threads where people are asking questions to GC, but in their thread/question they are hostile or telling people what they DON"T want to hear.

    Bottom line, improve on your sex skills.
    Try jerking off and holding off cumming, almost reaching climax, and then calming back down and building back up. It'll help your self control and stamina.

    When I think of "premature ejaculation" what comes to my mind isn't a 5 minute and under man, it's a guy who cums with out being touched/before sex even starts.
  13. When you feel like an orgasm might be coming on, stop or slow down until your little dude settles down
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  14. Subconsciously in conversation, people's brains will distort what other people tell them in order to rationalize and prove their preconceived notions of a particular idea. Naturally, people want their original perception to be supported because its the most logical choice to them, even if its not a logical choice for the general consensus. Therefore, they actually create a limited scenario in which only they can be proven right, even though there are obviously other perspectives that have not been considered.
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  15. Confirmation Bias
  16. Are you starting to like her? This happened to me although it was realising i liked the girl too much and it started. Only reason i can think of...
  17. Maybe 'do it yourself' a few hours beforehand, although when I've tried this I'm just not that horny, don't finish, and just end up telling her to get off my dick.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  18. Yeah, kind of like her.
    I mean this has been going for 4+ years now, so.. haha

  19. Cool.
    I don't know if my sex skills are the problem though?
    I mean, the change kind of transpired between two consecutive sex sessions.
    The first times was an average session, and then when I came back a few days later it happened for the first time, and it's been happening since. And this was in December; So.. yeah.

    I used to think that about premature ejaculation too, but its reall just when either partner climaxes before both wishes for it to happen. So in that case, yes I'm definitely prematurely ejaculating.
  20. OP, as long as the dick makes it to the pussy, it's not a 'premature' ejaculation.

    Quicky, very quicky... lightening quicky, but if you make it to the pussy, it's not a premature.

    So don't worry man.

    If you come fast, just tell your girlfriend,

    "Your pussy feels so good..."

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