Premade hydro boxes?

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  1. Are they trash? I was looking at THE LOWRYDER DELUXE Grow Box, Hydroponic Grow Box, Carbon Filters and Lock and Key Model - Detailed item view - Grow Boxes at Great Prices ... Up until now, I've only considered soil as hydro seems SUPER intimidating... like...wayy too complicated... but this makes it seem EASIER than soil, and with 6 spots in such a compact unit... is this worth undertaking the learning of hydro for my first growth worth the investment? I plan on growing 1-2 foot autofems... maybe some pineapple express... some white buddha... something like that... I'd like as much input as possible.
    Thanks guys!:)
  2. Any ideas now that people are awake? ;)
  3. I use Complete Hydroponic Growing Systems & Grow Boxes the mothership and the producer.
    my first time was doing hydro as well. you learn along the way. you make mistakes, and they are unforgiving. thats the only downside with hydro. You just have to be vigilant and pay attention to the PH and nute levels...otherwise its cake.

  4. Oh good god. I just went to that site to inquire about those 2 grow systems, and the cheapest of the 2 was $2750! That's wayyyy out of budget. I'm thinking $200-$400. lol
  5. BC makes the top of the line pre-fab grow box's... their pretty epic.. touch screens.. co2... auto PH... but they are as much as a car... but every person would kill to have one... their just top end

    if your looking to only spend that much.. make your own.. and get a tent... and you will stay under budget...

    four plant sites and a controller bucket... done cheap... if your gonna cut holes in buckets for grommets, use a step drill bit... smash the buckets in a tent and get some lighting and ventilation...

    or make your own grow room outa wood.. that will save some cash if your handy.. and its better to do that any way... and the lighting/ venting will be the other large purchase.. after that building the buckets will be easy....

    good luck
  6. I just got my big boy deluxe from lowryder. I have a thousand questions but find most answers by reading all the 411 in the city... Do you like your box?
  7. my Supercloset Deluxe Works great... Im very pleased

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