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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cowboysaxman, May 8, 2002.

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  1. I may be jumpin\' the gun a Lil\', but it appears that I\'ll be \"off the air\", for an undertermined time soon. The \"friend\" I work for has gotten VERY verbally abusive, and things kinda\' exploded last eve. PoohGator and her ended up in a MAJOR screaming fight, basically over the way she talks to me!! PoohGator is a \"yeller\" and I speak softly, with poison, when angered. The real problem is that I have been working on the \"Barter\"system for our rent. Now I not only need to find a job, but have to find a new place to live!!! I was planning on returning to school,using this job as a \"springboard\" to using a \"puter. Now it looks like I\'m back in construction!
    Going to be real rough going for awhile,gonna have to walk on eggshells round here while tryin\' to save enough to move on one cash income (PoohGator\'s).
    I\'m not sure how long I\'m gonna be able to \"Broadcast\", so I wanted to say farewell now, in case we have to fold our tent in the middle of the night.
    I know I\'ve been a \"Pest\" to some of ya, as I\'ve been able to spend so much time here at the CITY, but I feel as close to some of ya\'ll as friends and FAMILY!!
    Currently the BITCH is allowing us to stay here as long as I keep working here, but It\'s gonna be so stressful, I only hope I can maintain my composure until we can find another place. I sure don\'t relish the idea of becoming \"Homeless\" with a wife, an 11yr. old son, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a ferret, and a turtle!!!
    I\'m hoping I\'m able to continue to visit with ya\'ll for awhile, gonna take awhile to save enough to move, just didn\'t want to leave without saying goodbye, and I Love ya\'ll Blades!!! :smoking:
  2. wow, I really hope things cool off and you can work something out!! Good luck. I\'ll send ya some good karma, k?
  3. Good Luck Cowboy, good karma comes to those who earn it, and you have definatly earned it!!!
  4. It would be a real bummer for the whole forum if you were no longer around (you fucking pest).

    I hope people are able to come to their senses over this!

    Especially if it\'s just a matter of mannerism. The worst that you\'d have to put up with is to have to endure the way the boss lady talks to you. (Or perhaps endure the shame your wife may try to put on you for putting up with it)

    At least until you can find other accommodations.

    It has to be really sucky to think you may not have a roof for your family. I feel for ya, friend!

    But (sniff sniff) bon voyage if you end up having to leave us. Take care.
  5. Just kidding. SAD!!!!!!!! but, if worse comes to worse you can go to the library and hit us up. ;)

    Don\'t worry, I\'ll sure you and poohgator will pull through. I\'m no stranger to parents having money troubles, you get by with what you have, no big deal.

    Cheer up !!!!

    love ya
    420girlie ;)
  6. Good karma going out to ya cowboy! Maybe all this karma will turn things around for ya!

    Critter you need to get new chicken strips! Those you have are leaking white stuff out the bottom! Maybe chickenshit????LOL
  7. Wow Cowboy...I wish you the best. I\'ve been homeless before, and it sucks. No kid, husband, or pets to deal with...just trying to find a place to stay...and, get back on track again. I did...and now I can help other people as much as I can.
    There are alot of agencies that will help families with housing, food, and employment. The Salvation Army can be helpful, churches (they can help with housing and with food).
    I wish you the\'ll get better soon, it always does!

  8. hang in there darlin\' we\'ll keep your seat warm.
  9. I do pity you bein in the middle of two pissed chics. I hope all goes well........(((((((COWBOY&FAMILY)))))))))...........all I can offer is my large back yard to pitch your tent..........that would sure piss off my snooty rich neighbors!!!!!

    I got it we\'ll throw a \"Save the Cowboy\" fundraiser in my back yard. Lot\'s of loud annoying music.......lots-o-blades sparkin runnin around everywhere.....we could spray paint a bitchin mural on the privacy fence he put up..........YEAH!!

    Sorry, I got lost there for a minute.........if ya have to go cowboy we\'ll save you\'re place. And we\'ll definatly miss ya!!!!

    Stonie Jo
  10. Life has to be endured in it\'s worst moments. Things always seem to happen to good people- but they always seem to work out well in the end. I\'m sure (I HOPE) everything will fall into place for you. But I\'m sure there is a reason for this (as is the Taoist teaching) so you just gotta let it happen and it\'ll work out. It\'s like in a film when something bad happens and then you reach the end and think- oh yeah that had to happen for that to happen for the good guy (the sax man) to win the day. You WILL be fine sax man. If there is any justice in the world YOU WILL BE FINE. I send you best karma and luck. From your fellow blade with too much time on his hands

  11. Well, we appear to have a tense, but working \"cease fire\" in effect for the moment!!! Looks like ya\'ll are stuck with me for a bit longer,lol. I\'m just tellin\' my Bitch boss what she wants to hear for now. And planning my sweet revenge, for a more opportune time!!!!!! :smoking:

    PoohGator and I want to thank YA\"LL sooooooo much for the moral support and wishes for good Karma!!!!!! Has touched us deeper than words can say!! We LOVE you ALL!!!!!!! :hippie: :smoking:

    I\'ve been tellin\' myself over and over, somethings Momma used to tell me.......\"Don\'t get mad, get EVEN!!\" and \"Time wounds all Heels\"
  12. \"Time wounda all heels\".......I LOVE IT!!!!

    Good for you guys!!! Sometimes I get my satisfaction from sitting back and watching fucked up people sink thier own ships. This require a great amount of patience sometimes but you know it\'s gonna happen.

    Good luck to ya!!!
  13. Lmao! You\'re my kinda\' Lady, cute, yet vengeful!!!!! It makes it a LOT easier for PoohGator and I to take her shit, knowing that we are going to BURY her in it when we are dealing on OUR terms!!!! :smoking:

    Thanks again ALL, for the much appreciated \"Props\"!!! We Love ya\'s!!!!! :D: :wave: :smoke:
  14. It is a wise man ,who learns to build a firm foundation..........from the bricks that others cast at them.

    Strength ,and the peace that passes understanding ,be yours in troubled times .
  15. Now If U disappear who is going to sing Hank Williams JR. with me. Remember...A Country Boy can Survive!!!!!!! Peace Out, +++++++K to ya. Hope everthing works out. Peace Out Crocodile:)
  16. Good luck.hope it all works out for the best. good thoughts
    and karma be with you
  17. bummer...

    Just remember if ya make through the dark of night theres the bright of day. Jus keep ya head up and roll on

    Hope to see you back here soon as possible
  18. You\'ve been listening to too much Pac steve. It\'s \"for every dark night, there\'s a brighter day.\"

    cowboy you were right about the squirrels becoming when they see me at the window, they all jump on my deck and sit there til I feed them something!

    I hope everything works out for you and yours! I\'ll be blazing a phatty in a couple minutes in your honor.:smoke:
  19. The tense \"cease-fire\" is STILL holding, probably due to all the good karma ya\'ll have sent!!(and ALOT of tongue biting,lol) :D: :wave:

    As you sat at your \'puters and send those kind,caring words, you\'ll never truly know how deeply you\'ve touched our hearts!!

    We Love YA\"LL :smoking:
  20. Shit saxman that fucking sucks...don\'t we have any rich blades here who can help ??? I bet SJ has a few £££ hehehe...keep us posted saxman cuz i do wanna know how things are going k. I only wish i could say or do something to help honest !!
    Sorry I took so long to reply I must of missed this post :(. I know me and you have had allot of disagreements but don\'t we all :)
    Good luck saxman in getting a new place I\'m sure you will sort something out ;)

    All The Best Saxman
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