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    So last month I posted a thread about a pregnancy. I wore a condom and busted inside her there were no rips in the condom but I came inside her. When I went to take off the condom it was all in the condom.. so I think. No rips so yeah.
    She got her period on a regular basis at the end of the month, mind you we had sex on like the 5th and her period was around the 25th (which is regular for her) she said it was regular flow and what not.
    This has had me paranoid for some reason, I guess cause she stresses me the hell out.
    But even though she had a regular period, should I be fine?
  2. if she already had her period than your fine.
  3. Period = no baby
  4. Dude, if you're this paranoid about getting her pregnant, despite there being absolutely no evidence that she is, and plenty of evidence that she isn't, maybe you should hold off on the sex for a while.
  5. You wore a condom and it didn't break, the chance of her being pregnant is extremely slim. I think you need to chill out and take it down a notch skippeh!!
  6. I'd say the fact that she is on her period now, you wore a condom that did not break, and her period seems normal - you're more than fine.
  7. Gross about the flo bro. Yea my ex would put this kind of paranoia in my head. She did actually get pregnant once though. She thought she had gotten her regular period, but missed her next one and found out she was already 8 weeks along. Miscarried due to stress from the ordeal.

    I kinda feel bad about the whole thing knowing I would have a kid right now, but I also see it as a small blessing. She was a total cunt, and dumb as hell.
  8. Wow.. honestly if you don't know that when a girl has her period she's most likely not pregnant, you don't need to be having sex. Get some education!
  9. i dont understand fully how my stomach digests food, does this mean i should stop eating food.... hur dur .
  10. acids in your stomach break down the food so it can be moved to the intestines so all the goodness (vitamins and minerals) can be absorbed into your body.. you may continue to eat DaN... And Op, sounds like you need a girl that swallows!
  11. dude she's so freakin' pregnant!

  12. Lol.. the important of knowing how your stomach digests food and signs of when your girlfriend is pregnant is very different. ;)
  13. ....duh........... even if her period was a weird flow, your good. Remember if it bleeds you didn't leak.

    You should take a sex ed class.

  14. Damn, he comes here for support and all you can say is get some education? Who are you to tell him that? Chill out.
    Op, your fine brother, if you find yourself getting paranoid, just don't bust in her lol. At least your concerned, where I grew up the dads just didnt give a fuck and left the girl in the dust. Glad you're ok though!:smoke:
  15. No really. He needs sex education. Or better weed. One of them is causing paranoia.
  16. Its been awhile n im not positve but im pretty sure my health teacher in high school said that having your peruod after having sex isnt a 100% that ur not preggo so get some pregnancy test to b on the sure
  17. Ahhh, well with this feedback I'm not sure what to say. I'm pretty positive it didn't leak. We had sex last month, and I haven't noticed her having any symptoms.
    Im not just some dumb ass, I just needed some reassurance.
    But everything went regular period wise, and I was protected but I've just tricked myself into thinking she's prego. I really have a lot going for me rite now, and I really don't want any setbacks. To much to explain fuck it.
    Thanks blades ...
  18. Lol dude, just make sure you know how to put a condom on and fuck her every chance you get. If it ever breaks make her take a morning after pill.

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