Pregnant Teen Kills Boyfriend in YouTube stunt gone wrong (no graphic detail..)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Jane_Bellamont, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Pregnant teen shoots boyfriend dead in YouTube stunt gone wrong

    Poor guy. A perfect example of irresponsible gun ownership..

    Man, he had a girlfriend who loved him, was gonna be a father. Probably already had 250,000 subscribers, too. What more did he need from life? I'd be happy like a pig in shit .. no need to fucking kiss people's asses and risk my own life.

    Plus, people aren't gonna subscribe because of some stunt. They'll just click on it, watch it, then leave.

    I can understand wanting fame .. hell, I might start a grow journal on my channel one day .. but then, that's probably the most life-threatening thing I'll ever be willing to do for viewers and subscribers. jeez man..
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  2. Crazy.. I'm surprised his girl was down to go through with it. Can't imagine the hell she's facing but it's like the whole things bitter...sour? In an odd way. (seeing that they both pretty much set themselves up for it)....

    What's your channel btw

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  3. How fucking stupid can you be though? Holy shit...
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  4. Cops should just walk around with books strapped to their chests, who the fuck needs kevlar?
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  5. Holy shit, good morning Vietnam.
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  6. Play stupid games...
    You guessed it...
    You win stupid fucking prizes

    There are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated to firearms and shooting various things for ballistics testing.

    This situations is as dumb as it gets.

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  7. Well normally it's the guy killing the pregnant woman. Nice to see it the other way around
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  8. Lol every year people get even more dumb smh. people need to realize not to play with guns if they don't know shyt about them.
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  9. upload_2017-6-30_12-24-25.jpeg
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  11. The majority of people that buy a desert eagle in the first place dont know anything about guns.
    To think that a round can't go through a book is stupidity on a whole different level tho..
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  12. Unrelated but I'm wearing the same shirt as him in that picture
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  13. The girl plans to name the baby after it's father. Imagine telling that story

    "So yeah, I shot your Dad before you were born. We were trying to get famous on Youtube..."
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  14. LofuckingL, Youtube 'famous'. AKA taking the easiest fucking route possible in life.[​IMG]
  15. For training, she watched this video

  16. Never point a gun at something you not prepared to destroy. It's the number one rule on gun safety.
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  17. Agreed, stupid mistakes like this happen all too often
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  18. Was it really a Deagle? Out of the three calibers available all three will easily punch through a phone book. I wouldn't be stupid enough to try this with .22 let alone a .357, a .44 or a fucking .50?!
  19. From what I read it was a .50..
  20. Sucks someone has to die...

    But Darwinism wasn't too successful has he has already planted the seed.
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