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  1. So I started 2 seeds that I found in a bag of some dank. one is 2 months old and the other is about 3 weeks old. how long will it take to tell if it is a male or female from preflowers?
  2. It takes about 4 weeks for a female plant to produce preflowers yet not all of them will.
  3. If you just found a single seed it's likely female.. Many strains will toss a nanner or 2 if let go a bit long in flower and will often produce a handful of seeds.. I love finding them..
    My current Train Wreck and Girl Scout Cookies are rescued that way..

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  4. It's my understanding that if you're just waiting for the plant to show it's sex in veg, you're looking at about 8 weeks from seed. You've got to know what you're looking for. But you can do it that way and nobody really wants to flower a plant that's less than 8 weeks old anyway. There is the tried and true method of flowering them to see, but it's not necessary. But if you found a single seed in some really good stuff, it's like BrassNwood said's more than likely a female. We find one every now and again in our runs and all ours are proven females or clones from females. Germinate them and see what happens. TWW
  5. so I see something on one of the nodes. it'd too small to take a picture of but it looks like it's starting to preflower

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  6. Female preflowers look like this, usually show up after 6-10 weeks depending in the strain.
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