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  1. R these just want to make sure... Thanks

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  2. yep, female.
  3. Thanks wanted more input from sum 1 ..
  4. Its a "girl"
  5. I can obly see your internodal leaves starting to form no indication of sex yet
  6. I'm a proud father...

  7. first pic, node in the middle, you can see two pistils. not the best focus, but enough to identify as female. :cool:
  8. I actually would bet there was a male flower there in one of those pics. I'm sorry and I hate say it but that small white ball right below the newly growing branch looks to be a male preflowers to me. But I am still half asleep from Christmas gift wrapping
  9. Now that I take a closer look. Is that in the second of the first pics. Is that a teardrop shaped pod sticking straight up? CuZ if so that's female.
    The male preflowers hangs away from the plant and has a small stem attached to the base of the ball the female is just pointing up
  10. Female 4 sure from second pic

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