Preflowers? AUTO

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  1. Are you asking? It appears to be headed into flower with those few pistils I can see on the top. Look like you tried to top it not to long ago?
    You topped way to late if that was ur intention.

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  2. That little plant on the left side of the 2nd photo is what I think of when I think of autos. I've seen some nice autos but so many of them end up being runts. I suppose there's a niche for dwarf cannabis plants.
  3. The third photo down shows *me* a few pistils.
  4. Fimmed not topped

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  5. does topping too late create issues bud?

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  6. Some of the shortest autos will end up as runts, and produce little.
    Others can get huge and yield huge.
    I experienced both of those extremes recently.
    A mephisto StrawBerryNuggets got 2 ft tall, was too dense to train or leaf tuck, and yielded less than 1 oz.
    An Autoseeds SuckerPunch is 5.5 ft tall after topping and training, and growing into the lights.
    It's probably yield close to a pound dry.

    Autos are getting better all the time, and will eventually dominate the home growing market.
  7. Yeah, I grew a Dinafem White Widow auto indoors among my other plants one year and it produced almost as much as my photo plants. Check out this auto grown recently by fellow blade Oldtimer. It's a beauty. @Oldtimer514[​IMG]
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