Preflowers at 3 weeks?

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  1. Hey so i read up on the sexing guide for sexing your plants based on pre flowers but I didn't think it was possible for the plants to grow preflowers at only 3 weeks old? Is that possible? They are nirvana northern light seeds that are a mixed batch. I enclosed a pic to give you an idea of what they look like. Thanks guys.

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  2. yep, it can happen real early...
  3. Same thing I saw yesterday. They said that its because its growing new branches, not preflowers
  4. I see no preflowers
  5. Those are called petioles, not preflowers
  6. Those aren't pre flowers but mine did come in around the 3 and a half week mark

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  7. You will only see "preflowers", which are more correctly known as pistils, after you put them in 12/12 for a week or two (depending on plant age and size)
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    Nope, you should only switch to 12/12 when pre flowering is shown/pistols, it's a general rule of thumg, a plants ready for flowering when it shows it's sex.
    Obviously there are auto's and strains suited to being force flowered.
    Or do you mean pre flowering as the first stages of bud formation..?
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    What I ment to say was that 'he' would only see pre-flowers with a plant that small is for it to go into 12/12..  You are right of course that any plant that is a nearing the end of a veg phase will show pre-flowers before flowering is started.
  10. I have seen several plants that showed preflowers before 12/12 that was about 8-10 inches tall grown from some random bagseed 3 weeks in.

    There no need to wait to see preflowers before switching to 12/12. After flipping to 12/12 the females generally show with in 2 weeks.
  11. i left vegging mothers in the dark for 2 days and they preflowered. smelled great too. sadly one was a male but it was only preflowers anyway so it was easy to deal with
  12. good job, TIn, Kan, NS & Craig
    earliest I've seen preflowering is at day 28, and that was AK47, a known quick maturing strain.
    preflowers, like alternating branching, is a sign of maturity. and is your plants saying "i'm ready to flower" .
    in nature cannabis spouts before the days are long enough to stop flower, so it has evolved to not grow the chems needed to produce flowers till after a set period of time. hopefully for the plants sake that time is after the daylight is over 10 hours per day, so they can grow tall and catch (or give ) more pollen. and hence produce more seeds, guaranteeing genetic longevity.  
    so if you put a plant in flower and you don't see sign of sex for a week or two , you've actually flowered too early, and your stunting your plants potential ( this includes potency ).
  13. one of the best buds I smoked was from a 12/12 from seed.

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