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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. i was doing some reading on preflowering today but im a little confused...

    some say that you will find evidence of preflowering regardless of your lighting schedule once they are so far into veg...

    others say that your plant will only flower once you force it to..

    does it mean that evidence of preflowering immediately precedes the plant going into flower whether u want it to or not, or is it just sumthing the plant does once it reaches a certain age...

    also one of my strains im growing (i have no idea what they are) have dark purple stem and branches and are very short and bushy with huge fat leaves, anyone have any idea what strain it might be..??

    good smoke is all i
  2. sounds like you got an indica there, plants will show preflowers its a sign of maturity. i think the only plant that will start to flower during the light period is a true northern lights strain or it may be the true strain of alaskan thunderfuck. its one of the 2.
  3. HIGH All, Robert C. Clarke says it best.

    Robert C. Clarke defines preflowers as "primordia"

    The first sign of flowering in Cannabis is the appearance of undifferentiated flower primordia along the main stem at the nodes (intersections) of the petiole, behind the stipule (leaf spur). In the prefloral phase, the sexes of Cannabis are indistinguishable except for general trends in shape.

    Although the primordia can be triggered by photoperiod manipulation, every strain will go thru the primordial phaze as they're maturing and preparing for the next stage of life..."flowering"
  4. Im growing white widow and it looks just like what you describe, short fat leaves, stems turn a little purple.

    But for sure Indica.
  5. so if i do find any signs of preflowering on my plants i shouldnt be too concerned about it then... its a normal occurence, even under 24/0...

    is there a BEST TIME to put your plants into flower, or is it entirely up to the individual?

    ps. thanks for yr replies.
  6. most growers wait till they are approx a min of 12" tall, this will help them sustain the weight of the buds, if done before, it may be too young......smaller yiled and may need supported.............and remember and allow approx 2 to 3 times it's size again (depending on strain) for when it flowers......mine go to flower at approx 12-14", and end up 24-28".......but that's just because of my strain........the height of the plant is also closely related to the power of the light that your using...............Peace out.........Sid
  7. Sounds like a classic indica to me, maybe a lil more N in your nutes chicky, most 99% of the time purple coloring in a plants stem or leaves is due to one of three things, cool temps during flower, N def. (blood meal will cure), or Mag. def. (epsom salt will cure).

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