Preflower problems and taco leaves.. where to go from here?

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  1. Hello all! I am currently working on my first photoperiod grow and have encountered a couple problems. I have four plants (2 purple orange cbd from Dinafem and 2 dinamed cbd plus from Dinfem) one of the purple orange cbds has preflowered already without switching the light cycle to 12/12.. I believe it happened when the tent temperature dropped down to 14 degrees for a little over a day (heater problems). I was wondering where I should go from here? It hasn’t grown much since it preflowered and I’m worried I will be losing a ton of yield on it. The newest leaves have also dropped into a claw shape.. My second problem is taco leaves on one of my dinamed cbd plus plants. Its only happening on newer leaves, big fan leaves seem to be fine.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    2x4 tent
    4” intake fan and 4” fan connected to carbon filter.
    Fox farm ocean Forrest soil
    PH perfect micro,grow,bloom base nutes

    The left two I plan on putting outside once it warms up a little more, this includes the one preflowering

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  2. Looks like you are burning the shit out of em'.

    What is your feeding nute schedule? What is the PH of the run off?
    PH for dirt is 6.5 target.
    Flush the shit out of them, like 3 times the water of the dirt. PH adjust the water.
  3. Okay thanks. The water is ph’d to 6.2-6.3. The plants have been given two feedings at full strength spaced between two other waters which I guess was way too much.. would that explain the taco leaves as well??
  4. I agree with HardDrive, definitely too much N with all of that clawing and what not. I also just started doing photo's after years of growing autos, and photo's can show sex before you flip to 12/12, nothing to be alarmed about. It only means that the plant has reached sexual maturity. Now if the plant goes producing full-on buds...well, it must not be a photo.
  5. Okay thank you! When it comes to the taco leaves. Could that be a magnesium deficiency?
  6. I actually just finished reading up about heat stress and I think you are right. I have a heater that moderates the temp and my thermometer always reads 25 Celsius but I am going to try and take it out and see what happens. It could be blowing to much hot air around or something.. Thank you!

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