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  1. My plants are showing preflowers in more than one spot on each plant, so they are ready for flowering, but I want to veg for 2 more weeks. Problem is, im having deficiencies, but im maxed out on the GH chart in terms of nutrients for the FLORA series. Week 3 of VEG is 5/5/2.5 and it looks like im getting multiple deficiencies.

    Ive checked pH, that's fine, PPMS are going down with each feeding. Increased a little bit, tops get Nitrogen overdose and the bottoms are still yellow, not severly, but enough to cause concern.

    My question, what rule of thumb or ratio is used when increasing the FLORA series past what the GH amounts are? My plants need more, but I need to keep the ratios so that they get the nutrients they need.

    march 24th 1.1.jpg march 24th 2.1.jpg march 26.jpg
  2. Way to much phosphorus! It's causing your potassium to get locked out. When you have a phosphorus toxicity it causes zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium to become slightly immobile from ph 5.6 to ph 6.8. When that happens your water holds more salt because the plant isn't taking it up, which then locks out your potassium.
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    Ok, ill have to flush, then drop the levels for the cookies. I need to transfer as well, would you recommend flushing before or after the transfer? They are getting bushy, but all starting to exhibit the symptom, im assuming your talking about the third picture right? Ive been adding more bloom to my nute mix and it seemed to help with the yellowing of inbetween the veins.

    Im barely using any of the flora bloom, which has almost all the phosporus, im only doing 5:5:2 right now, always pH balanced as wel, only ends up at 600-650 ppm.

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