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  1. Alright guys everyone knows that blunts do waste a significant amount of smoke, but who can resist smoking a blunt? Anyways for my main question, what's your favorite blunt wrap?
    Mine is definitely either a white grape or peach game.
  2. double platinum kiwi strawberry :D:D:D
  3. i wouldnt say they are a huge waste and the 2 things you named arent blunt wraps they are cigars lol but i dont like wraps i like either strawberry white owls,green games,or grape dutch in no particular order
  4. Grape White Owl or Peach and/or Strawberry Swisher Sweets.
  5. Golden Honey Dutch
    Peach White Owl cigarillo
    Green Game
  6. I know they're cigars but I just use the wraps so I call them wraps.
    Just a habit.
  7. white grape white owl
  8. i dont like blunt wraps but when somebody buys some i tell them to get the white grape ones.
    i myself am a wine swisher fan :)
  9. Zig Zag - Blueberry
  10. Lately my GF and I have been enjoying cyclone blunt wraps since neither of us can roll for shit. They work pretty well, even the plastic ones. $1.49 for a 2-pack at my LHS, so we stocked up for the summer.

    Once we move in together we plan on perfecting our joint/blunt rolling skillz :)!

  11. Lulz.

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