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Preferred storage method?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sue Do Nim, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. I've always kept my stash in standard prescription pill bottles. Recently, I acquired some pretty stout Sour Diesel and decided to try it in a glass jar. Well, since then, my wife complains that the garage smells like weed. I don't really smell it, but my sense of smell isn't terribly strong. I suspect that I'll have to switch back to the plastic pill bottles.

    So, what's your preferred storage container and why? Is there something else I should try?
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    Air tight glass jar all the way
  3. Cant miss with a pickling jar with the red rubber gasket.
  4. I wish I could find a pill bottle sized glass jar. Until then, I use the plastic snap lid containers from the dispensary. When i buy ozs I use my glass 420 jar.
  5. Use a mason jar. It's air tight, smell proof, and made for preserving shit.

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  6. Day-to-day is the Mason jar but for longer term I label and then vacuum seal my bud for storage. Out here in the desert if you don't take steps the bud gets drier than a popcorn fart in about a week. Daisy Seal-a-meal is my go-to item because then the bud remains dank for a year or more...

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  7. If I may ask what desert is this?

    And I use those sterile jars for urine tests, they are airtight and can fit about 10grams each

    Plus they have a green cap lol
  8. I've always used glass canning/mason jars. They're cheap, leave no smell, and they work. Haven't had a problem with anything drying out either,
  9. if its mids ill just keep it in the bag its fire i put it in a glass jar.

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  10. i use a baby food jar for my portable stash jar.

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  11. Sure; Las Vegas. Was in my profile but yeah, the Nevada desert is a cast-iron bitch to herb. By removing all air and immediately sealing, the herb stays fresh almost indefinitely. Stored any other way here (baggies up to tupperware, mason jars, it doens't matter) and what dry air gets trapped with the herb before you screw down the lid/seal bag/whatever just sits there working on your herb and in a month you have some great mids...that started out better.
    The only better way of storing herb IMHO is to smoke it all as fast as you can and keep the THC inside your body. But that's just me.
  12. I use a blunt wrap :)

    Seriously though I just put my buds in a wrap of tin foil and wrap in a plastic shopping bag. Doesnt smell often.
  13. The snap lid containers are awesome. For longer storage I use a small Mason jar.

    My day use is a small baggie rolled up in my case with my chillum. Air tight and unbreakable.
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    I store it under or around my scrotum. Keeps it nice and fresh.
  15. Sealed glass jars...rubber seal...then vacuum seal an into the freezer for long term.....stays young forever.
  16. I store my stash in glass mason jars. What I take with me to smoke in the day I put in a small tupperware box that can contain about 5grams. Don't like bags

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  17. If you live in a really dry area...try a Boveda humidification packet. 
    They work well.
  18. Prescription med bottles for small amounts. If i buy a zip tho ill get a big ass mason jar

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  19. mason jars or the cvault with boveda packs also works well.

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