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Preferred stonified gaming

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stinky6, May 28, 2006.

  1. ok as we all know video games are essential to stonerdom. They allow instant entertainment with little work and we all have our different games weather it be the original Mario to super smash bros melee. Now my question to you the people is what is your video game?

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  2. burnout revenge. best shit ever when you're high.
  3. im a classic gamer @ heart.... so i rock the sonic 2, starfox, all the super marios for SNES.... pretty much anything that tickles my fancy... but those are a few of my favs!!!!!

    the graphics may be better these days with ur xbox360 and ps2/soon to be 3, but god damn, you just CANT beat the game play of the older systems...:D im feeling some sonic today... i def gotta burn some down and get my sonic on!
  4. lately i've been smokin some headies while its here and playin fight night round 3 for the 360, and i just got my samsung 27 hi-def yesterday..its sick
  5. fuck yeah, fight night for 360 is the shit!
  6. ^def. one of my favs for the 360 aswell as elder scrolls oblivian the graphics are just amazing!
  7. CS:Source, BF2, Halo 2, Fortza Motorsports..F.E.A.R. is also good really high scary as hell that its fun haha. Mostly CS though cause its quick to load and quick to get into action
  8. Halo and Mario Party
  9. I don't own the Xbox 360 but one of my stoner buddies does, he also recently purchased Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter, that shit is nutty! Its all futuristic shit, its just mind blowing!
  10. Mario Kart or Mario Party.

    also counter-strike:source has never failed me either, on some of the Warcraft 3 modded servers.
  11. Halo 2 and Rainbow Six are still my favorite games to play high
  12. One time i was playing halo 2 online when i was drunk and high, and i was getting double/triple kills and running riots out the ass. Funny thing is i suck sober.
  13. Either Morrowind IV: Oblivion or Need for Speed Wanted....both on PC only
  14. I like socom, warcraft, and madden those games are ill when high
  15. Warhammer 40K : Dawn of War

    The Godfather Game

    yea, Mafia was tight for a while too, but The Godfather is soo much better :D
  16. Medal of honor man, that shit's so much fun.:smoking:
  17. Counter-Strike: Source. Need I say more?
  18. Cs:source
    Natural Selection (Halflife mod)
    Battlefield 2.. absolutley crazy
  19. Unreal Tournament
    Halo 2
    Medal of Honor
    Final Fantasy 7 (awesome as hell while blazed)
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  20. James Bond Goldeneye for n64 is nuts. play with power weapons and use the rcp-90. you feel like the man with that.:smoking:

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