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Preferred Number Of People To Smoke With?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by initiation, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. hey just wondering how many of you would prefer large sesh groups over small ones.
    i personally like there to be 3-4 people (including me), any less can be boring or awkward and any more seems too hectic. 

  2. Just one my friend, myself.
  3. No more than 3 people but there's nothing wrung with smoking alone!
  4. 2 is company, 3 is a crowd, 4 or more there better be some money involved.

  5. I'm fine with a large sesh as long as everyone is throwing down, but chances are a couple of people are being smoked out by my weed. That's why I prefer 5 or less of my closest peeps because I know they're always stocked. Even if everyone had weed I would still prefer a small group over a large one.
  6. Number doesn't really matter to me. I'll smoke by myself 85% of the time, may have two or three others on the weekends, and sometimes we may have an entire party loading bowls together. 
  7. 1-2 people. More depends on who it is.
  8. i smoke with 3 people including me its better like that, 3-4 blunts and ur all fucking blasted we all usually match one too so its not like one nigga is rolling all the blunts.
    I smoked at parties and u guys are right, someone is going to be getting smoked out for free off your tree and its always the same broke niggas, so fuck all that.
  9. 1 if I feel like going solo
    2 for that companion smoke sesh 
    4 for a group sesh
    This is where I normally draw the line either for the purpose of my wallet(because there's alway one or more people that just never have bud to throw down, especially in large groups, does that happen to anyone else?)
    8 MAX this is for party scenarios only and even then I try to limit it to less.
  10. #10 Finger My Urethra, Jun 11, 2013
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    4 people including me, 5 always feels like a group sesh, 3+1 is just homies chillin 
    And yeah, obviously you don't invite losers who don't pitch into a 4 person session, lol, thats just a given. 
  11. I prefer smoking alone
    But in groups I think its always best to have just one other person to smoke with.  Things get too hectic with more people and its hard to carry on a conversation that way
  12. I smoke alone, yeah with nobody else.
  13. generally when I'm with 4 (3+me) it's usually for gaming. convos are more organized.
    Other than that, yeah, too many people to hold a good conversation most of the time (depends on the people)
  14. Yeah def depends on the people. 
  15. George thorogood is the shit!

    B-b-b-b- bad to the bone :)

  16. I like 4. But on 420 or my bday or new years eve I like a lot.
  17. Just myself or my best friend. Everyone else is a damn fiend these days
  18. 1 person that's intelligent
  19. Personally, I prefer one other person if I'm going to partake in the herb while in a group setting. I occasionally smoke with two other people, but I kind of like to keep it small. Conversation tends to be better when the group is smaller, and I am all about a great conversation. :p


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