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Preferred method of smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Trueblade, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I have smoked weed from joints, blunts, one hitters, single chamber bongs, multiple chamber bongs, pipes, and so on. Admittedly never vaporized. Here is what I see and pro and con of each:

    1) Joints: Simple, effective, can be passed around easily, does the trick, but if you're in a group it can be risky. People less experienced will let it burn down a lot figuring out what to do, and toward the end it tends to break up and get harder to hit. Bright does leave a roach for later smoking.

    2) Blunts: Quite simply will fuck you up. Almost always some left over, unless a ton of people are smoking on the blunt. Quick, good, fast high. High potential to be lip licked though (Formerly known as ****** lipped, but going for political correctness.......besides, white people are the ones who ****** lip it all the time anyway, lol)

    3) One hitter: Awesome for long runs, but hard to get WAY high on. Great as a refresher, or a quick "After work" type hit, but not great for getting blown out. The resin and clog factor quickly becomes a problem, and highly inefficient in large groups.

    4) Single chamber bong is about the best one hit high. Granted, you do more, but this method takes a lot of practice to get good. Firing it, then clearing it, then getting the rest of the smoke, requires a bit of a pot-head athlete, and a bit of experience. Great for small meetings among experienced smokers.

    5) Multiple chamber bongs. Been blown out twice on these. Super high, super clean, super good. Could have been a vegetable for the rest of the night...and been just fine with that.

    6) Pipe is good in groups, if it's covered. When it takes someone too long to pass it, it burns down, so weed is preserved. By one's self.....the hits come endlessly. I have to hit lighter on a pipe, but I can get 5-6 good hits on one well packed bowl.

    Additional insights? Personal experiences? How do you like to smoke, and why?
  2. Vapes don't get me high at all. I'd say bongs and blunts.
  3. I use glass bongs and they work great. I will hit a glass pipe if there is nothing else to smoke from or if supply is running low - but other than that I will most usually expect a bong if I'm taking a hit. Pipehitters are "cute" but not really worth my time. Joints are great I haven't smoked one in a while, I got a nasty blister smoking the last one I had cause I had no clip :( I won't smoke blunts because I have a no-tobacco policy that I strictly adhere to. I won't smoke out of can's cause i'm not a crackhead. But yeah... most other things are great for smoking out of... just use common sense. I will also smoke out of acrylic pipes if there is no glass available however I really prefer glass.
  4. If I had the change I would probably get a vape since I play sports lol... But, for me.

    1) Joints: Because I look like a fuckin G

    2) 2ft+ Bongs

    3) Gravity Bongs

    4) Bowls

    5) Anything with weed in it
  5. Bongs and vapes are the best; on paper and in lungs-on experience.
    I really do enjoy joints when I am only attempting a threshold intoxication.

    Vaporizers DO get you high. Much higher than a blunt will. Especially when compared in weight and amount used when inebriating. This is not arguable.
  6. though it may depend on the number of people i'm smoking with, in general my preference is:
    1) bongs

    2) vapes

    3) blunts

    4) joints

    5) gbongs

    6) bowls
  7. I prefer pipes. I like how easy they are, they burn nice and slowly and I can easily put the cherry out when I'm not using it. They're portable and easy to clean. I don't really like joints, they generally burn too quickly imo. Bongs, when I'm the mood every once in awhile.
  8. wait what? hold up no. everyone reacts differently to vaporizers. personally i dont like them they only give me a head high. if i want to get truely stoned out of my mind fucked up high i use my pipe, the incredibowl. personally best thing ive ever smoked out of. and i like getting a body high. and vaporizers do not give me a body high.
  9. Good insights. Vaping was my next step, but I'm a fairly well experienced smoker.

    Would like more insights back and forth on vaping? Better on your lungs? Easier to take big mind swamping hits? etc?

    I've never done it, but I'm very curious about it, because I have pretty shitty lungs as is from shitty ass smoking cigs for too long.
  10. #11 Haze720, Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 24, 2010
    Pipes for conservation
    Bongs for getting ripped
    Blunts for a group, or getting really stoned
    joints roll one up and get blown
    vapes only to cover smel and for when Im sick:smoke:

    BTW vapes don't get me nearly as high as smoking does. Don't care what anyone tells me vapes are a different weaker high for me unfortunately.
  11. Pipe by myself. So great. However, I'm buying a new bong next week for special occasions. ;)
  12. I usually smoke by myself, so I like to have something that won't keep burning between hits. For that, there's nothing like one of those small metal screw together pipes with a cap on it. I just load it up and carry it around in my pocket. Spark it through the hole in the cap but as soon as you quit hitting the cherry goes out.

    I love my bubs and bongs but they're just too much of a hassle if it's just me.

    I used to swear by the one hitter bats in dugouts but as my tolerance went up they became too much work to get high just like you said. Also you're right on with the resin issue with those, they get crapped up fast and you spend too much time cleaning them out. They're good for on the go stealth smoking and sharing.

    Just got an MFLB but I haven't used it yet because I'm fucking dry at the moment.

    One thing you didn't mention is those short, wide inline things, I don't even know what you call them. They made of metal with a rubber mouthpiece, maybe a couple inches long and three quarters of an inch wide. I got one of those because they looked like a good thing for me and hold more than my metal pipe but they don't work for shit - or I should say I couldn't work it for shit. You can't spark all the herb inside because it's too wide, so you have to constantly unscrew it and stir it. It's so short, every time I sparked it it felt like I was going to burn my nose off.

    On the rare occasion I have some mids I love to roll a doob and smoke it just for nostlagia sake but that's horribly wasteful for one person. In a group I much prefer a pipe or bong because there's so many possible problems with J's and people not being able to work them right.
  13. 1. VAPES > ALL

    Honestly. I HATE smoking pot. vaping is completely different. GOOD taste, you can hold it in, clear high.

    I honestly whole heatedly recommend trying a vape to anyone who hasn't. you are missing out. the benefits are so much more.

    To name a few:
    -Save more bud
    -Less smell
    -Less burn
    -Clean lungs
  14. Big fat joints or blunts --> Bong --> Pipe --> Vape --> Edibles(doesn't really count but whatevs)
  15. blunts<3

    i duuuun care i just love em
  16. I love my steamroller. I can't stand joints or blunts (seems like a waste). I've only used a bong once, though I intend to buy/make one in the near future.
  17. Definetly would have to go with

    (1) Pipes

    (2) Bongs

    (3) Blunts

    When im soloing it i def go with my pipe. When Im with a group of friends I have to take out the bong or roll a blunt.
  18. GOG straight bongs ROOR/ SHELDON BLACK ETC...

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