Prefered Music listening, Headphones or Speakers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Happysack, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Recently I got a pair of Sennheiser HD 595 Head phones, the things are amazing I have always been a speaker person and just bought shitty 20 buck headphones but I'm converted now.

    Playing video games with them on is amazing in itself.

    Tokin a bowl and putting these things on is orgasmic. better than my Bose/Technics setup I have in the living room.

    180 wasn't to bad cheaper than 2 good Bose speakers.

    What do you all prefer? What are you jamming with?
  2. it depends how many people are around, by my self its head phones all the way.
  3. plus i got to a nascar-esqu college an most people here don't share my taste in music. if i went some where else i might use the speakers more.
  4. it depends on what im doing, for music with people and stuff or video games definitely speakers but a movie by myself or music at night lying in bed i rock the headphones
  5. I have the same headphones as you man! They really are sweet, I only use them for pure musical enjoyment however. I recently put together a surround sound system and the total immersion in a movie cant be reproduced by headphones, such as those bullets flying past your ears and the foundation shaking bass from a proper subwoofer. I built the sub myself (you can have the performance of something 4x the cost if you DIY... 20 cubic foot box made of 1 1/2" MDF with a 15" TC-2000 on 1300 watts rms tuned to 18hz all laminated in a black piano gloss finish) and was probably one of my most fun investments ever. So yeah bottom line is headphones for music but surround sound for movies!
  6. Speakers. You guys paying 200 dollars for headphones do not know how good you have it.
  7. if im alone and tryin to really wrap my head around the music then ofcourse a good pair of studio headphones. its just so much clearer. any other time its my JVC 5.1 dolby surround. three 5" front and side speakers and two 360 degree rear and a 200 watt powered cerwin vega 10" floor sub. i bought all the components when in japan and we fuckin thump that thing for X nights.
  8. Nice, they are great. Your surround sound system sounds like it would be nice.

    I haven't sat down and watched a movie with the headphones yet so I can't compare with movies but music and video games its insane.
  9. i bump my shit with the bass up 24/7
  10. headphones feel good on your ears
    if your wondering about what headphones to get by any chance
    get grados they are insanely cheap and fucking AMAZING quality
    i got mine for like 80 bucks and they are the best headphones i have ever had my friends think they are the best quality they heard too
  11. Speakers. I love just blasting them so I cant even think.

  12. I play CS 1.6 a lot and you have to have a nice set of headphones to hear subtle steps in the game and pinpoint where the enemy is by listening closely to where exactly the gun is firing from.

    Only time I listen to speakers is the system in my car... There is nothing better than cheifing and taking a ride down the beach with your car blasting some 311.

  13. i have some nice klipsch's speakers plugged into my computer along with an M-Audio Revo soundcard so i listen most of the time through my speakers, but i picked up a pair of ear canal noise-cancelling Sennheiser Cx500's for listening to music outside my place as well for amped guitar practicing. my neighbors are little bitches about the noise coming from my home so I hope they're happy.
  14. If its just me I rock teh headphones and MP3 when smokin, but if others are around then I use speakers.
  15. Speakers but headphones are real close.

    But recently, I've been playing a lot of techno and while it's clear and crisp and right in your head with the headphones, you lose the bass. It doesn't sound like it should, like with speakers and a sub.

  16. oh man headphones aint shit to a good (key word being good) surround sound system for games. not only do you hear footsteps and gunfire left and right but behind you and all diagonal directions and the thunderous roar of the sub when a grenade goes off to close for comfort. the headphones are good but you havent played a shooter game till youve done surround. anyone else hear what im sayin?
  17. I love smokin up and then putting on my bose headphones, but my desktop insignia speakers are pretty damn good esp with the base.

    I drive an 06 pathfinder and I need to add extra shit to get it bumpin like it should

    I got $500 to spend on it got any suggestions?
  18. I'm a speaker man myself, I've never really liked the feeling of headphones. I always feel very- I guess enclosed??? IDK.....

    The sound quality is amazing though I will agree with that.

    I just cannot stand headphones.
  19. A good pair of speakers is usually nice.
  20. Speakers, because I fucking hate when people sneak up on me. Plus it's kind of fun to piss off the neighbors on the weekends.

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